Tea For One.

Hello hello!

Today I actually have some new thrifting finds to share! It’s been awhile since I have posted about anything thrifty. About time I change that.

So, first up is a lovely corduroy jacket I got for $6. It’s originally from the Gap, and I love that the inside lining is a pretty fabric!

Next I have a mini upcycle. I was super stoked to find this 1990 Reds World Series sweater for only $1! The only problem was it was an extra large and swallowed me… It was simple enough to take in the sleeves and the sides a bit though!

My final find I have to share with you I one that I am very pleased to have found! I have begun a recent obsession with loose leaf tea. Its fantastic. (My favorite place to buy it is from here) Anyways, this find was perfect timing. It’s a ‘Tea for One’ set! The set is complete with a mug, a little teapot, and an infuser for loose leaf. I only paid $4 for this set, and I was very excited when I looked it up online and found that its $32 here!
I must say this little set gets a ton of use!

Well that is all of my current thrifting finds worth mentioning! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

-The Whale


Cardigans Galore

Well hi!

I finally have come across some time to post about my latest thrifting trip! This past trip was somewhat of a special occasion because it was a reuniting of long lost friends! My friend Josh from high school has been busy with the Army for quite some time and I had not realized he was back in town now! Of course as soon as I found out we instantly set up a hang out date. I decided to introduce him to the magic that is Valley Thrift Store. My all time favorite.

So here are the finds that I scored that day [It was actually about 2 weeks ago!]

This lovely white cardigan. I really liked the pattern.

This seafoam green zip up cardigan sweater thing. My favorite color. :]

I love the pattern on this super comfy sweater! Problem was the sweater was wayyy too huge on me, even by comfy sweater standards… so I slimmed it down to fit me. Easy. :]

And to top it off, I also added a new silk scarf to my vast collection. :]

Well that about sums it up for my thrifting finds.

On a different topic, today is Cyber Monday! They day to support eCommerce stores. As a result I am offering a FREE gift of a set of crochet coasters with any order on from my Etsy Shop today! So make sure to check it out!

-The Whale

I’ve Been Going a Bit Crazy…


So as of late, I have been all about going to the thrift store just about every chance I can get [if you haven’t noticed from my most recent posts]. As a result, I constantly have a bunch of new things to post about! Of course I buy a lot of things to upcycle and alter, but I’m still working on those so be on the lookout for when they are done!

My trip to Goodwill today with my roommate [and bestest friend] ended up lasting about 2 hours and our cart was so full we ended up having to put half of it back and pick our favorites out of the things we had found because it was simply going to be too much even at Goodwill prices!

Anyways, here are my finds:

First up is a lovely [and super warm and comfy!] Tommy Hilfiger sweater. I thought the design was neat and only about $4. [Don’t mind my lovely ‘I’m about to go to bed hair,’ lack of makeup, and fuzzy blue socks]

Next up are these little green bowls. I couldn’t resist. $.49 each. :]

Finally, I found this leather shoulder bag. I know, I know I just bought a leather shoulder bag… well. .. this one is bigger! And its different! [Pretty much I have no excuse I just have two now..] Anyways, the brand is Etienne Aigner, and when I looked it up online the bags seemed to range anywhere from about $40 to $180. I paid $2 for mine. :]

Well that about sums it up! [for today anyways!] Thanks for actually reading and feel free to check our my Etsy Shop any time!

-The Whale