Family Treasures

Hello all.

So, my grandma died about a month ago. Its sad I know, but she was suffering from Alzheimers and was having a tough time. RIP Grandma Vera Russell.

Anyways, my family has finally gotten started with going through her house and dividing up all of her old things. I was unaware that this was going on at the time, so I didn’t get to partake yet, but my mother brought me some things she thought I would like. (And she was right!)

If you’ve seen many of my previous posts you may have noticed my slight obsession with scarves…. especially the vintage silk ones. Well, I’ve now nearly doubled my collection!

This is my favorite. So pretty.

I was also given a few pairs of gloves (love the yellow ones!) and an interesting fuzzy hat.

One thing my grandma was known for was her quilt making. My mom brought me this one she made. I absolutely love the colors and the pattern!

Well, that is all I have to share today. I am certain this is only the first of a few posts about nifty things found from my grandma’s. I’m glad to have some things I love to remember her by.

-The Whale


I Really Like Scarves…

Hi everyone!

So I hit up my favorite thrift spot yesterday, and I didn’t really find a whole lot, except these three awesome scarves! If you read my posts about my thrifting finds you have probably noticed that I tend to purchase a lot of these. . . its true… I now own about ten ‘decorative’ scarves. I can’t help it. I just love them!

So anyways, here are the three new additions to my vast collection [and they were only $.99 each!]:

Sorry that you can’t really see the last one very well… dark scarf plus dark shirt equals not much contrast, but it has a really awesome fringe going on! Also, keep in mind that my Etsy Shop is having a 25% off sale now till the end of December! Check it out please!

-The Whale