West. (Vacation Photos)

Hey, Everyone! I’m back from vacation!

This post is all about my travels and a bunch of photos!

I must say that this trip involved a lot of driving… I wasn’t a huge fan of that. I also wish I had taken more photos of the cabin, and any at all of Denver. I do have more on my phone, so that might end up being another post!

My favorite part (scenery wise) was the Badlands hands down. You can probably tell by the amount of photos I took there! So lovely.

My favorite part (activity wise) was a tie between the cabin we stayed at in South Dakota, or Denver, Colorado. I wish I could have had more time to see Denver… we only stayed one night there. Maybe I’ll make a trip back there!

Now it’s back to daily life in Cincinnati. I do love my city.

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-The Whale


October: Leaves and Halloween


So today I have some photos from this past month! I believe fall is probably my favorite time of the year… but I seem to think that about every season (except winter!) once it comes around… but I definitely do enjoy fall. How the leaves smell. Pumpkin EVERYTHING. Scarves and boots. Yup. It’s all good.

The first set of photos are from a visit to Washington Park at the beginning of the month. It’s one of my favorite places to go on a nice day, and there is almost always something going on. Plus it has a beautiful view of Music Hall.





The last photo is right before I went to see The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses at Music Hall! I love the fountain at night.

This next set of photos is from an adventure around my neighborhood I went on one cloudy afternoon.





I like taking pictures of interesting objects and textures…

Now how about a few Halloween photos??
I wish I had more…. I was of course a Minion from Despicable Me! The other photo is of my brother and his girlfriend as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World… I thought that was pretty amazing!

Well, that sums up my October… Hope you all are enjoying this season!

-The Whale

Lately… In Instagrams

Oh, hey!

Since I’ve been telling you guys how busy I’ve been lately… well I decided to share with you some of the recent things I’ve been up to. So here are some Instagrams from the past month or so!

Lots of fires! Like really.

Lots of Franklin County. (My home)

Alt-J in concert! That was pretty great!
Indianapolis adventures.

My best friend’s bachlorette party!

And then of course the wedding!

Steak-N-Shake all the time. (and creeping on this guy) :]



Lots of hanging out in the city trying to figure out where to move!

The decision.

Moving day!


Well. That pretty much sums it all up… a bit. Of course there is more. But a little at a time. :]

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-The Whale

May Flowers (and stuff)

Oh hey there, everyone!

Today I have some more photos. I kind of have felt the need to challenge myself a bit photography wise… so I’ve decided to start doing a monthly photo series basically starting last month with April Showers. So of course I had to follow that up with May Flowers!

may flowers
Well. May flowers and stuff… cause I only really have a few flower shots… I hope you understand.

texture: fossil

Make a wish.

Kitten Yawns

Pretty flowers.

I hope you guys enjoy these photo series!
You can check out all of my photos on Flickr!

-The Whale

Fuji Instax Mini


My post for today is featuring a camera I received as a birthday gift (by request of course) back in December, and I must say, this camera has very quickly become a favorite toy of mine! Better even than my Holga I so dearly love! The camera I’m talking about is the Fuji Instax Mini!
fuji instax
The great thing about the Instax is that it prints out the photos instantly like a Polaroid does! I’ve been taking this camera with me on a lot of adventures lately so it has gotten tons of use!
I love the vintage, old-style feel of the photos!

One problem though, now I have a pile of Instax photos just sitting on top of my dresser…. I need to find something interesting to do with them! I’ve been looking for some inspiration and found some intriguing ideas here and here. I was also thinking of making some sort of nifty scrap book with them. Any suggestions are welcome!

-The Whale

Holga Photos (Finally!)

Hey there!

So earlier this year I got my hands onto a Holga camera and promised I would make a post about the photos I took with it. Well, its been awhile (I’ve been so busy with school lately it being the last week) but that promised post is finally here!

I’ve taken three rolls of film thus far, one color and two black and white. Unfortunately the color film (being my first attempt) had too many light leaks and not many of the photos turned out. For the next two rolls, however, I learned.

I do like the effect of the light leaks in the photos that were usable though.

One roll of black and white I took at home mostly of my pets, while the other I brought with me to my family’s Easter celebration. There are shots of my family and also things from our walk through the woods.


-The Whale