Ombre Hair

Hello hello!
I don’t know if any of you noticed lately, but I have teal in my hair. Yep. Not just teal though. It’s ombre from teal to my normal brown. I rather love it. Like a lot. I’m also pretty proud of it because I did it on my own at home! I decided that maybe I should share with you all how I accomplished this. :]


Alrighty. Let’s get started!

You Need:
To ombre dye one’s hair, one needs a few key things.
-Hair dye in the color you want. (I used Ion Color Brilliance in Teal.
-Diluter. I’ve also heard conditioner will work for this but I didn’t try it. This will make your dye lighter.
-Hair Bleach. (Of course if you have light hair you probably don’t need this.)
-Developer both for the bleach and the dye.
-Mixing bowl.
-I also used an application brush… but it didn’t make it into the picture. (opps…)
-Aluminum foil cut into squares. (also didn’t get in the picture…)
-Gloves. (I’m good and getting everything into pictures…)

Okay. So start out with dry, unwashed hair. First step is then to bleach. Of course, like I said before, if you have light hair you probably can skip this step… Follow the instructions on your bleach to prepare it/mix it. For mine I had to mix the bleach and developer in my mixing bowl.
Next I determined how much of my hair I wanted to dye. Just the ends for me! I then test bleached a bit of my hair to make sure it would turn out alright and didn’t make my hair fall out!
Once that was all said and done, I went ahead and started applying the bleach to the ends of my hair in sections by brushing it out onto a piece of foil. To make it sort of ‘ombre,’ I used my fingers (with gloves on!) to kind of fade it out going towards the top of my head. I wish I could explain that better… I hope it makes sense! I then folded the foil around the section of hair and moved on the next one until all my hair was foiled up!
Like this! ^^^ :]

Now is time to wait. My was pretty dark to start out, so I ended up having to wait a full hour and a half for the bleach to do its magic. Just take a peak at your hair every so often. You’ll see when its ready!

Okay. Now we’re ready for the dye!
I decided that since I wanted the ends of my hair to be the lightest, then turn darker into brown, I needed two shades of teal. To accomplish this with one tube of dye, I first prepared the dye in one of my mixing bowls according to the directions (1 part dye 1 part developer). I then transferred about half of that into another bowl and added all of my diluter. This made one bowl dark and one bowl lighter.

Now for the actual dying! I first separated my hair into sections again. After that I took each section and applied the dye brushing onto the foil again. To achieve ‘ombre,’ I first applied the lighter dye to the very end of the section, then applied the darker dye to the top of the blonde part of my hair. I then used my fingers to try and blend the two colors where they met in the middle of the blonde part.

Once the dye is applied to a section of hair, wrap up the foil and move on until all your hair is foiled up again! Now just wait for the dye to… dye. Make sure to follow the time frame on the directions of your dye.

All done!

I like how I have a teal bun when I put it up. :]

I hope this was helpful for anyone of you hoping to achieve this kind of look yourselves!

-The Whale