Embroidered Basket

Hey there!

New project today!

embroidered basket

I completed this quick little project in one afternoon while watching Netflix… lazy day. I enjoy adding a bit of personality to things. On occasion I will buy objects (typically from thrift shops) particularly to use them for projects. This is such an easy way to add interest to a simple basket! Of course it would be difficult to give exact instructions considering baskets are mostly different, but I’ll tell you all what I did.

You Need:
you need

-A basket (one with a loose weaving or a design will work best.)
-Embroidery thread

knot basket embrodiery

Think of the type of design you’d like to create. Take the first color of thread you plan on using and secure it around a part of the basket.

basket embrodiery one
Weave in your first color. Repeat with any other colors included in your design.
embrodiered basket

Like I said, a quick project. At the very least I hope it provides some inspiration!

-The Whale


Embroidery Takes Far Too Long…

Hi there. :]

So today I have a new upcycle to show you! I’ve been working on this one for quite awhile now and am very excited to be done with it!


I found this dress in my mother’s closet, and since it doesn’t really fit her anymore, she let me have it along with a few other items. Really I could have simply shortened it and been done with it. Easy fix. I, however, wanted to add more interest to this simple dress. I decided [maybe with a bit too much enthusiasm] to do some embroidery along the bottom of the dress. I chose a simple pattern and got to it.


Not bad, yes? My embroidery skills aren’t the best since this is a first attempt for me. My lines aren’t exactly the straightest, and some of the stitches are a bit tighter than they ought to be, but overall I would proclaim this a decent success.
Maybe I could have created the same basic effect by attaching a strip of interesting fabric to the bottom instead. That probably would be a lot simpler and take up a lot less time. It also would most likely result in a lot less pain in my fingers [seeing as how I managed to stab myself several million times it seems!]. I don’t think I will be taking on a project involving this much embroidery again, but lesson learned right? :]

-The Whale