Giraffe Top Refashion

Hello hello!

I haven’t done a refashion in quiet some time. A long time. I’m working on it, okay?

Giraffe top

I’ve had a small pile of items sitting on my desk that I have intended on refashioning for a few months. I actually picked up this giraffe dress in the fall sometime… maybe even the late summer. When I first bought it, I didn’t have plans of refashioning it at all, but the more I looked at it, the less I liked the weird scribbly part at the bottom.

The fit was fine, and I was really into the giraffe print at the top, so I eventually decided to just be rid of the part of the pattern I wasn’t too keen on, and turned this dress into a top. This is a first for me. I am a huge dress fan, and normally would never choose to ruin a dress, but those scribbles…. I couldn’t deal with it.

I gave this dress a huge chop, and the new top a hem. Super simple.


Now there’s only the nice giraffe print left! Of course it’s mid winter and freezing cold here in Cincinnati… so this won’t be out for a few more months… unless I’m lucky.

I hope everyone is enjoying their 2015!

-The Whale


Is It Warm Yet? (Dress Refashion)


New upcycle today!

I’ve had major spring fever lately… looking out my window puts a damper on my day when I see all the snow and ice still out there… will it ever end???
floral dress upcycle
So I’ve had this dress in my ‘to work on’ pile for months now. I knew it would be a simple fix, but it was winter… not much use for dresses like this in the winter… Anyways, I finally decided that I needed something to make me forget about the cold and snow for a minute, so I grabbed this dress out of the pile…


I really enjoyed the fabric pattern, the lace back, and the cute little buttons down the front of this dress… but what I didn’t enjoy was the layered ‘frilly’ look and the length. I’ve never been much of a maxi dress girl.

To make this dress acceptable to me, I simply cut off the bottom ‘frilly layer’ and hemmed it up. I know I’m lazy. I probably could have done a lot more with this, but I found it to be satisfactory, and actually pretty cute!

dress after


So that’s my ‘spring please get here now!’ plea to the universe. I have a new dress to wear once it’s warm!

On another note, I finally got my blog all hooked up with a Bloglovin account! So if you enjoy having all of your favorite blogs to read in one place, sign up and follow me! And if you already have Bloglovin… well you’re welcome. Life is easier this way!

-The Whale

Easter Dress


So I’m pretty excited about this one! As I’m sure you all know Easter was this past weekend. I wanted a new dress to wear to my Easter festivities, (church, lunch at my Grandma’s) so I decided that instead of buying one I would attempt to make one!
Easter dress

I bought a pattern a few weeks ago and had been itching to try it… I just needed the perfect fabric. I found said fabric at a vintage store downtown in Cincinnati last weekend and was so excited to use it! It was a very Easter esk pattern.

This dress is pretty easy and didn’t take long to make, yet I love the fit and simplicity! Also, the colors in the fabric go perfectly with my favorite scarf!

Happy Easter
I wore it with a bright cardigan, pink tights, and boots for Easter day.
I hope everyone had a good Easter!

-The Whale

Floral Dress.

Hello all!

So today I have a brand new upcycle to share! I’ve had this dress for quite awhile. I got it from Goodwill back in August or so and was super enthusiastic in the beginning… unfortunately I can’t find the before pictures from way back then, but I promise you it was awful. Think something along these lines:

I just really liked the feel of the fabric and the floral print. Anyways, I immediately developed an idea of what I wanted the dress to look like and got to cutting. After awhile, the dress wasn’t really turning out how I envisioned, so I became discouraged and ultimately stashed the dress away in the bottom of my ‘to be worked on’ pile…

A few weeks ago I was going through said pile, and came across it again. I decided to give it another go with a new idea, and I must say I wasn’t disappointed this time!

I ended up turning it into a halter with a deep back. I feel its a nice and breezy dress for a hot summer day (just like the ones we’ve been having!)

-The Whale

Polka Dots!

Hello, hello!

So today I have a new upcycle! It’s been awhile since I’d done one (due to lack of materials and money to acquire those materials) but I found this dress in my mother’s closet awhile back and loved the polka dots. I had been wanting to give it a much needed face lift ever since!

So here it is before:

Note the beautiful ruffles…. It also had some issues with the seams around the neckline falling out.

I removed those lovely ruffles… and took a bit off the front so the back is a bit longer than the front like a lot of dresses I’ve been seeing lately. I liked the look so I attempted to recreate it, though the back isn’t longer enough to notice much. I also lowered the neckline a bit and hemmed up the top. It still needed something… so I added a cute little bow in the front!


What do you think? Adorable right? :]

Well that’s all I have for today. It’s lovely weather. I believe I’m going to grill with some cool people tonight and eat some tasty chocolate pie I made earlier today.

-The Whale

Sewing Project.

Hello all!

So I’m finally posting about a sewing project I did a few weeks back! I decided one day to make a dress… and I kind of just went for it!

(sorry this picture isn’t too great, it’s from my phone!) I used some plain white fabric my grandma gave me. I didn’t use a pattern or anything. I just had an image in my head and tried for it. Of course it didn’t turn out perfect, but I didn’t expect it to considering my methods. :]

Anyways, the white was all fine and dandy, but I wanted to make it a bit more interesting. I had some dye just sitting around, so I decided to go for a light blue!

And the back:

I really like the cut out back dresses I’ve been seeing everywhere lately such as this, so I was kind of going for something along those lines.

Well, I hope you all like it! I ended up wearing it for my graduation ceremony, but you couldn’t really see it considering it was under my cap and gown!

-The Whale