Change Up Your Cheeseburger!

Hey, everyone!

One thing you should all know about me…. I love cheeseburgers. I really do. Especially in the summer when grilling is the thing to do!

Change up your cheeseburger

Although I do enjoy a standard, classic burger, I occasionally like to change it up. Switch some things around. Add some interesting flavors. Today I’m not really posting an actually recipe… more like a few suggestions and ideas for you all so you can get inspired and come up with your very own cheeseburger flavors!
The burgers I made for this post are kind of a smokey BBQ flavor. Yeah.


I always start with 1lb of ground beef (or sirloin if you’re feeling fancy). I then mix in the other ingredients. Today it was some minced onion, BBQ sauce, Worcester sauce, salt & pepper, and a bit of garlic powder. Sometimes I add some shredded cheese. Sometimes I add various veggies. Spices. You can do ANYTHING!

After all your ingredients are mixed into the beef, it’s time to form the patties. That’s pretty easy. Then it’s time to grill!

Once off the grill, choose some toppings! I added pepper-jack cheese, guacamole, spicy brown mustard, and lettuce. I’m odd I suppose, but it was super good!

I’d be pretty stoked to hear about any great flavor combinations you guys come up with! Happy grilling!
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-The Whale


Crochet and Denim

Hello, Hello!

I have a new upcycle today! I’m pretty excited about this one! Mostly because it was a lot of work…but also because I’m really pleased with the results!


I had been on the prowl for a denim shirt in the thrift stores for some time now. I had the idea for this upcycle and so finding the perfect candidate was important. I finally found one I considered worthy a few weeks ago!


For this upcycle, I cut out the back of the shirt and used the cut out part as a template to crochet a design. I really wanted it to be somewhat lacy. After I had the crochet part done, I sewed it in the place where the back had been cut out. Done.


I’m really happy with the pattern I chose to go with! I like how its both a bit geometric and lacy! I also am a huge fan of the combination of denim and crochet! I did an upcycle for crochet shorts over the summer and they were a huge hit!

What do you think of the denim/crochet combination? Love? Hate? I’d like to know your opinion!

-The Whale