Geometric Pet Painting DIY

Hello hello!

I know. I’ve been slacking again…. You ought to all know that this happens sometimes by now, and also that I never have an actual excuse. Let’s not dwell on that shall we?

I have a crafty thing for you all today!

pet painting cover

I made this painting of my beloved last week. I figured I’d share with you all how to create a similar portrait of your own pets!

You Need:
you need
-A canvas
-A photo of your pet (I edited my photo to be a high contrast black and white photo so that it is easier to pick out the shapes)
-Paint (I used acrylic)
-Paint brushes
-Graphite transfer paper (Like this here)
-A pen or marker

trace shapes
Use your pen/marker to trace the shapes you see on your photo. Even if the shapes are more organic, trace them to be geometric. Cully (my kitty) has a lot of colors going on, so I had a lot of shapes.

transfer paper
Place a piece of transfer paper over your canvas graphite side down. Place your pet photo on top of that and use your pen to re-trace the shapes you have drawn. Make sure you apply a decent amount of pressure to ensure the drawing transfers well to the canvas.

Remove the photo and transfer paper to reveal the drawing on the canvas. Pick out a few colors to use in your painting. I used three different shades of blue because I wanted my painting to be monochromatic, but I feel this would be nifty with three totally different colors as well! Determine what shapes should be what color. I labeled them as I went to create a sort of paint by numbers deal.

pet painting
Paint in your shapes and allow your art to dry. Done.

I think I may attempt a few more of these with different color combinations and photos in the future… maybe some architectural photos… hmm.

-The Whale


DIY Custom Flask!

Hey, everyone!

TGIF! (for serious) This week has been DRAGGING. It probably has something to do with the fact that I’m GOING ON VACATION next week… it always seems that when you’re looking forward to something, it takes forever for the time to arrive!

Anyways, I recently invested in a new flask… It was just something I felt I needed to have. However, I also felt that I needed to make it my own in some way. Hence this post!

Custom flask DIY

So I’ve had these awesome paint markers for a while now. I really do use them a bunch. When I got my flask and was pondering how to be creative with it, I ultimately decided to use them to create a design!

You Need:
-A Flask
-Paint Markers
-Clear Sealer

This is a pretty straight forward DIY. Use your markers to paint a design onto the flask. I decided to go with a geometric design that also incorporated the word “meow”… mostly because I’m crazy. Obviously draw what suites you!
flask paint

After the design is done, allow it to dry completely. (about an hour or so) Once the paint is dry, apply a coat of clear sealer. I did one side of my flask, let it dry, then did the other side. The sealer will ensure that your design stays on and will protect it from scratches! Be sure to follow the instructions on what ever sealer you get.

DIY flask

And done! Easy as pie.

I love my new little flask… it’s probably coming with me on vacation.

Speaking of vacation… I’m leaving this Sunday morning to go west. I know that’s very general, but we’re going a lot of places! (Yellowstone, Denver, Mt. Rushmore, Ect.) I’m pretty excited about it, and I plan on taking a ton of photos that I can share with you all! Follow me on Instagram for current updates! Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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-The Whale

Easy Cat Shirt DIY

Hey, everyone!

I haven’t done a DIY in a while… it’s also gotten rather warm here in Cincinnati. Both of these things inspired me to come up with this little project just for you all!

Cat shirt diy

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty into this whole cat clothing trend… I’m not ashamed to admit I own about sixish cat related clothing items. I don’t really plan on preventing it from expanding either. That’s just me though. Maybe you’re not crazy like me.

Anyways, I started out with a simple white t-shirt (like one of the ones that come in a three pack at Walmart) and some fun fabric. Of course you don’t have to make a cat shirt. It can be anything really. I made something similar using a heart shape last summer!

You need

You need:
-Fun Fabric
-Sewing Machine (unless you feel like sewing by hand!)

cut neckline
First thing you need to do is cut a new neckline. I wanted my shirt to be kind of off the shoulder, so I cut it wide. I also wanted shorter sleeves, so I cut those as well.

pin hems
Pin down a hem for the neckline (and the sleeves if you’re cutting them!) Make sure you do this with the shirt inside out.
Now use your sewing machine to stitch down the hem!

draw and cut
Draw the cat (or other shape) on the back of your patterned fabric, and then cut it out.

pin cat
Pin the cat to your shirt! Make sure you only pin it to the front layer of fabric.

stitch cat
Now it’s time to stitch on the cat. I used a zig-zag stitch and went around the entire shape twice. This will make sure your cat is definitely secure, and keep the fabric from unraveling too much.

all done!
Gaze at your work in awe!
cat shirt

I love this shirt a lot, and not just because it’s cat related. I love the breezy and laid back fit it has to it as well! If any of you make this DIY I’d love to see the results!

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-The Whale

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May Flowers (and stuff)

Oh hey there, everyone!

Today I have some more photos. I kind of have felt the need to challenge myself a bit photography wise… so I’ve decided to start doing a monthly photo series basically starting last month with April Showers. So of course I had to follow that up with May Flowers!

may flowers
Well. May flowers and stuff… cause I only really have a few flower shots… I hope you understand.

texture: fossil

Make a wish.

Kitten Yawns

Pretty flowers.

I hope you guys enjoy these photo series!
You can check out all of my photos on Flickr!

-The Whale

Kitten Toys DIY!

Hello Hello!

So today I wanted to share with you two cute DIYs for some kitten toys! I’ve had my rescue kitten, Cully, for about two months now, and I decided it was about time she got some new toys to bat around!

Anyways, toy number one is what I call a ‘kitty duster’… you know… like a feather duster for cats to play with!

Kitty Duster

You will need:

-small dowel rod (or a stick of some sort)
-tacky glue
-yarn or string

Step One:
Apply tacky glue to one end of the dowel rod and attach the feathers on all sides of it until you feel there are enough feathers.

Step Two:
Apply more tacky glue at the tip of the dowel rod (on the feathers) and attach the end of the yarn. Begin to wrap the yarn around the feathers down the dowel rod until the feathers are tightly secured. I wrapped the dowel rod a bit past the feathers even.

Step Three:
Apply more tacky glue to the end of the yarn and secure. Now all you have to do is wait for the glue to dry completely and you’re ready to play!

Cully was a fan. :]

This next toy I call ‘The Puffball.’ This one is great because it uses so few materials and can be made in various sizes!

The Puffball

You will need:

-Something to wrap it around (I used my tv remote, but it depends on how big you want the puff to be. The thicker the thing you wrap it around the bigger the puff will be!)

Step One:
Start to wrap the yarn around your object. Make sure to wrap over the beginning string to secure it.

Step Two:
Continue to wrap the yarn until it is thickly layered.

Step Three:
Pull the yarn off of the object. Make sure to hold onto it so that it doesn’t lose its shape.

Step Four:
Take a string of yarn the length you would like the toy to be and tie the end around the bunch of yarn you wrapped around the object. Tie it tight! I like to even wrap it around a few times to make sure it is as tight as can be.

Step Five:
Cut the loops on both sides of the yarn bunch. After that all you have to do is fluff out your puff!

She’s so precious!

Both of these toys were a hit with Cully! After you have the basics you can experiment as well! I later combined the two methods to make a feather bunch on the end of a string.

Hope you enjoyed these fun DYIs! Also, don’t forget my Etsy Shop is having a 25% off sale when you use the code LOVEWHALE at checkout!

-The Whale

Holga Photos (Finally!)

Hey there!

So earlier this year I got my hands onto a Holga camera and promised I would make a post about the photos I took with it. Well, its been awhile (I’ve been so busy with school lately it being the last week) but that promised post is finally here!

I’ve taken three rolls of film thus far, one color and two black and white. Unfortunately the color film (being my first attempt) had too many light leaks and not many of the photos turned out. For the next two rolls, however, I learned.

I do like the effect of the light leaks in the photos that were usable though.

One roll of black and white I took at home mostly of my pets, while the other I brought with me to my family’s Easter celebration. There are shots of my family and also things from our walk through the woods.


-The Whale