Clutch Upcycle: Trying out Leather Paint

Hello everyone!

So today I have a new upcycle for you! I have been intrigued by a product I heard about over the summer (probably on Pinterest called ‘leather paint.’ Well I somewhat forgot about it until I came to acquire this cute little clutch.

While it was cute as is, I couldn’t help but feel it needed a bit of a pick me up. While thinking of ideas of what I could do for this little number, I remembered the leather paint! I went into research mode right away and found some here and ordered a few different colors.
As soon as they arrived (rather quickly too!) I got to work on painting the clutch! I decided to make the main body of it a sort of shimmery champagne color, and then, to add some excitement, I painted the trim a pretty teal blue. I’m quite pleased with the results!



Now I have an itch to go to some thrift stores to find a few leather purses to spruce up!

-The Whale


Etsy Sale!

Hey there!

So it’s been awhile since I’ve advertised my Etsy Shop so I have decided to have a sale!

Enter code LOVEWHALE to receive 25% off all orders until the end of this week!

Happy shopping! The Whale’s Endeavors

Yoga Matt Bag

Hi there!

So I recently decided to start a quick project in which I crocheted a carrying bag for my yoga matt! I have hopes that maybe having a cute carrying case for it will encourage me to maybe take my matt places and use it more! I used a simple single crochet stitch and a two tone blue/white color scheme. I added a cute drawstring and a strap and done!

Lovely right? :]

Also, I would have you know that I finally got the opportunity to take my new Holga Camera out for a trial run today! I’ve sent off the photos to be developed so expect a post about that relatively soon!

-The Whale

New Stuff!

Hello everyone!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but my camera USB cable went MIA for about two weeks and I just now have found it! (it was under the sofa go figure). So anyways, I promised I would take my roommate/best friend to my favorite Cincinnati thrift stores over Christmas break, and a few days ago we finally made the trip.

I took her to Valley Thrift Store and also the Goodwill right next to it. Here are my finds for the day!

Travel Case: $2
This little number is some sort of hair straightener case. I really love the fringe it has going on and I figured it would be nice for transporting my straightener and makeup!

Wilsons Leather Jacket: $8
I know I know, another leather jacket… what can I say, I’m a collector. This one is Wilsons like my purple one and I really wanted one that was not a blazer style.

Scarf: $2
I found this cute yellow and grey scarf at Goodwill. I know I’ve also got tons of ‘decorative’ scarves, but as I said before, I’m a collector. I can’t help it. :]

Well, that sums up my most current finds. My friend also bought a teal blueish colored Wilson’s leather jacket. I wish I had gotten a picture of it. But that is all for now!

-The Whale

New Items in My Etsy Shop!

Hi there everyone!

So if you remember my school project in which I made tech cases I told you about here, well the sale didn’t go so well [I’m going to blame the time slot we had to work with since not many people are about in the morning] so most of my items can now be found on my Etsy Shop. I priced these hand made items pretty decently for the time that they took to make so you should really consider checking them out! They are ideal for small phones, small cameras, ipods, or other small tech devices and are lined to prevent scratches and protect devices!

So seriously, go check it out. They could make a great Christmas gift! :]

-The Whale

A Crafty School Project

Hello all!

I know two posts in a week! I’m on a role! This is another school project post as we are currently wrapping up this one. This project was actually kind of out of the ordinary for an Interior Design assignment, but it was interesting as well.

This project required that we come up with a product that we can make and sell and then actually make a few of them and sell them! We also had to create a business and marketing plan, but that’s the boring part I will spare you from. :]

Anyways, I chose to make camera cases for my product inspired by this this tutorial. I of course procrastinated since it was a school project and not just a side project I was working on… so as a result I made seven of these things last night… and did not sleep. Did I learn my lesson? We shall see won’t we?

Well here they are:

I made several versions as you can tell, the large ones being for cameras about the size of mine, and I figured the smaller ones could be used for small cameras or phones or anything really!

Lovely yes? I was about to throw my sewing machine out the window just around 5:00 this morning when it decided that it was a perfect time to act up and jam every 5 seconds, but I powered through it and I’m pretty proud of the results. Each case is lined with a foam material so as to keep your phone or camera safe. :]

Another part of the project was to create an advertisement poster for our product and booth. I of course branded these along with The Whale’s Endeavors. :]

My classmates and I will be selling our products on campus (of Ball State University) this Wednesday from about 9:30 to 11:00, so if you’re around come check it out! All of them I don’t sell then will end up on my Etsy Shop so keep an eye out if you like what you see!

-The Whale

I’ve Been Going a Bit Crazy…


So as of late, I have been all about going to the thrift store just about every chance I can get [if you haven’t noticed from my most recent posts]. As a result, I constantly have a bunch of new things to post about! Of course I buy a lot of things to upcycle and alter, but I’m still working on those so be on the lookout for when they are done!

My trip to Goodwill today with my roommate [and bestest friend] ended up lasting about 2 hours and our cart was so full we ended up having to put half of it back and pick our favorites out of the things we had found because it was simply going to be too much even at Goodwill prices!

Anyways, here are my finds:

First up is a lovely [and super warm and comfy!] Tommy Hilfiger sweater. I thought the design was neat and only about $4. [Don’t mind my lovely ‘I’m about to go to bed hair,’ lack of makeup, and fuzzy blue socks]

Next up are these little green bowls. I couldn’t resist. $.49 each. :]

Finally, I found this leather shoulder bag. I know, I know I just bought a leather shoulder bag… well. .. this one is bigger! And its different! [Pretty much I have no excuse I just have two now..] Anyways, the brand is Etienne Aigner, and when I looked it up online the bags seemed to range anywhere from about $40 to $180. I paid $2 for mine. :]

Well that about sums it up! [for today anyways!] Thanks for actually reading and feel free to check our my Etsy Shop any time!

-The Whale

I know I’m Slacking…

Well hello there. Long time no posts I know. I am truly sorry and I have missed you! School has been taking up my time [as it should] and, okay I admit it, I have been watching ridiculous amounts of Lost on Netflix… you know, the show from a few years back where people were stranded on a crazy island? But don’t worry. I’m on the final season so it won’t be taking my time for much longer.

Anyways, I am posting today to update you on some of my thrifting finds from the past month or so. Now I like to thrift a lot… so yes I do have a lot of items I have found since my last post. I suppose I shall just tell you about the ones I was most excited about. :]

First off, I had been looking for some ankle boots or oxfords or both for a bit of time, and I was really excited to find this pair at Goodwill one day! They need broken in a bit, but for $6 I can deal!

Another find that I was pleased with is this small leather shoulder bag. I was looking at a few of them trying to decide which one I liked better when this particular one caught my eye. The little fringe detail on the front instantly sold it to me over the other two I was deciding between. Plus it was cheaper. Only $4. :]

My final find that I feel the need to tell you about is my new leather jacket! I’ve been wanting one since they have appeared in just about every store this fall, but I was determined not to spend as much as those would cost. I found this one at my favorite thrift store ever, Valley Thrift Store in Fairfield, OH. It’s 100% leather and my favorite leather color. I looked it up online, and the same jacket can be bought off ebay for about $65. How much did I pay? $7. Yep. :]

Well that pretty much brings you up to date with my thrifting. There are a few things that I have also found which you will be hearing about later on. Things that I found and am currently working on altering and upcycling to suite my own taste, and I’m very excited to show you the finished products as soon as they’re completed!

Until then, you should do yourself a favor and check out my Etsy Shop!
-The Whale-