Refreshing My Portfolio


So lately I’ve been working a bit on re-branding myself. At least from a professional standpoint. I just felt that it was time to freshen things up. I wanted my new look to be cleaner and less cluttered, while still being me and being fun.

Refreshing My Portfolio


I’m pretty fond of how it turned out. It was a somewhat long process with a lot development from where I started. I did get some help from my graphic design friend Matt Tout. For serious he’s awesome.

But anyways. Check out my new portfolio and give me your thoughts!

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-The Whale


NeoCon and Chicago.

Hello hello!

So its been about a week since I posted last. The reason behind this is because I’ve been visiting Chicago! Yep, the windy city (which I learned allll about believe me). Anyways, I was visiting Chicago to attend this three day event called NeoCon. Basically NeoCon is huge event for Interior Designers and Architects showcasing new products. You can also attend seminars and learn all sorts of new things. NeoCon was a new experience for me and it was an enjoyable one. I wish I had taken some pictures, but unfortunately for me, I managed to forget my camera at home for this week! The only photos I do have are from my mother’s camera.

We did a lot of things in Chicago. Some of my favorites were the “Bean” sculpture in Millennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, and also visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio in Oak Park. Like I said, I didn’t get a lot of photos, but here are the one’s from my mother’s camera:

Hope everyone is having a good summer! It’s been ridiculously hot here in Muncie, IN. I’m definitely glad my apartment complex has a pool! How are keeping cool these warmer months?

-The Whale

Senior Project.

Hello all!

So I’ve been out of school for nearly a week now so this senior project post is overdue! I’ve been in a family vacation in Charleston, South Carolina this whole week, so posting has not been my top priority. (I do feel the urge to do a vacation post though so keep an eye out!) Anyways, my senior project was to renovate the Ball State Art Museum. Of course tons of hours of work went into this project and there is a lot more to it, but I’ll just show you guys the pretty pictures (renderings) of the finished product!

The main staircase.

Top of the staircase.

Cafe area.

Reception Area.

One of the gallery spaces.

Well that is about it! I’m so pleased to be finished with school! Now starts the process of finding a job… fun, fun. :]

-The Whale

Portfolio Site

Hello Hello!

So I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on my portfolio website for my interior design stuff, well I think I finally have it to the point where I am willing to share! It still is (and will be pretty much forever) in progress, but I was hoping to get some opinions from you as to what you think of it and point our any problems you come across.

Click to visit my site:

What do you think of the colors and the top banner? Is it good usability wise? Please give me some feedback!

-The Whale

I’m Going to Try to Keep Up with This…

So it is currently my final semester at Ball State University (which if you don’t know I’m going for Interior Design) and thus we are starting our final capstone project. We are to come up with a concept and redesign the existing Ball State Art Museum. So far we have had to do lots of research on the current building and also on products that are available that we think we might use. My idea for my concept is ‘Artistic Stimulation’ because I want the museum to have a lot of interaction included in the galleries. Here is a mood board I put together to show my concept:

Click to enlarge:

Well, that’s what I have so far that I’m willing so reveal, I hope you like it!

-The Whale

A Crafty School Project

Hello all!

I know two posts in a week! I’m on a role! This is another school project post as we are currently wrapping up this one. This project was actually kind of out of the ordinary for an Interior Design assignment, but it was interesting as well.

This project required that we come up with a product that we can make and sell and then actually make a few of them and sell them! We also had to create a business and marketing plan, but that’s the boring part I will spare you from. :]

Anyways, I chose to make camera cases for my product inspired by this this tutorial. I of course procrastinated since it was a school project and not just a side project I was working on… so as a result I made seven of these things last night… and did not sleep. Did I learn my lesson? We shall see won’t we?

Well here they are:

I made several versions as you can tell, the large ones being for cameras about the size of mine, and I figured the smaller ones could be used for small cameras or phones or anything really!

Lovely yes? I was about to throw my sewing machine out the window just around 5:00 this morning when it decided that it was a perfect time to act up and jam every 5 seconds, but I powered through it and I’m pretty proud of the results. Each case is lined with a foam material so as to keep your phone or camera safe. :]

Another part of the project was to create an advertisement poster for our product and booth. I of course branded these along with The Whale’s Endeavors. :]

My classmates and I will be selling our products on campus (of Ball State University) this Wednesday from about 9:30 to 11:00, so if you’re around come check it out! All of them I don’t sell then will end up on my Etsy Shop so keep an eye out if you like what you see!

-The Whale

Daltile Competiton


So I actually have something to post about school today! I feel the need to share some of my work that I do at school on here and maybe someone will think that I have talent. :]

I am currently in my fourth [and final] year of Ball State University’s Interior Design program! I can’t wait to graduate this may! But to go on, we recently just finished a project for a competition. The competition was for a tile company called Daltile. We were to use their products in a space, any space we wanted, and… well that’s about it.

My professor decided to incorporate this competition into one of our projects in which we had to design a business club, a restaurant type place where meetings and events are held. We also had to chose an art movement to use for inspiration. I chose the Bauhaus movement and the artist László Moholy-Nagy. You may recognize one of his more popular pieces:

So here are the renderings:

And the floor plan:

And here is my presentation board:

For this project, I used Autodesk Revit Architecture, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.
Hope you like it!

-The Whale