Printable Holiday Tags!

Hello everyone!

Happy Holidays!


This year I created some cute little tags to use for my gifts. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share them with you all!

Holiday Tags

If you’d like, you can download them in PDF format here!

Consider it my gift to you. :D


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

-The Whale


My Homemade Bar Cart

Hey, everyone!

Today I’m sharing a project I’ve been working on along with my dad!


When I first started this project (looking at inspiration, drawing out how I wanted it to look), I intended on posting it as a DIY… but unfortunately it turned out a bit more complicated than I thought it would. I don’t really have any woodworking experience. Really, my dad did 90% of this… just with me telling him how I wanted it to be.


I really wanted a white cart with copper piping for handles and rails. Turns out copper piping is kind of expensive (at least more than I wanted to spend), so instead, I bought plastic piping and painted it copper. I think that worked out alright.

One of my favorite parts of the cart is the wine rack/holder! I’m not sure what it used to be… my dad and I think it maybe was part of an old oven, but we found it just lying around the garage! It’s the perfect size to hold some of my wine.


Definitely pleased with how this project turned out. I’m also really thankful to have a dad who will help me out with this kind of stuff!

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-The Whale

West. (Vacation Photos)

Hey, Everyone! I’m back from vacation!

This post is all about my travels and a bunch of photos!

I must say that this trip involved a lot of driving… I wasn’t a huge fan of that. I also wish I had taken more photos of the cabin, and any at all of Denver. I do have more on my phone, so that might end up being another post!

My favorite part (scenery wise) was the Badlands hands down. You can probably tell by the amount of photos I took there! So lovely.

My favorite part (activity wise) was a tie between the cabin we stayed at in South Dakota, or Denver, Colorado. I wish I could have had more time to see Denver… we only stayed one night there. Maybe I’ll make a trip back there!

Now it’s back to daily life in Cincinnati. I do love my city.

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-The Whale

Fun With Hair Chalk

Hey there, everyone!

So one thing that has made me particularly sad lately (besides the fact that we just received ANOTHER snow storm after I thought it might be over!) is seriously missing my tealish ombre hair! I was in love with that hair… but I was only able to keep it for a month or so before I acquired a more professional job… and thus had to opt out of just regular brown to blonde ombre hair…. which don’t get me wrong, I love my hair that way too, but the teal was just so much more fun!

Hair chalk
Anyways, I had known about hair chalk for some time now, but it wasn’t until I watched this video on hair chalking with normal soft pastels you could find in pretty much any craft store that I became VERY interested. I instantly headed to the nearest crafting store (Michaels in my case) and grabbed up a 36 pack of soft pastels for less than $4! I was pretty stoked.

Hair chalking with the pastels is super easy! Just make sure you brush out your hair before you start. The video suggests using gloves; I didn’t, and it was fine, but it probably depends a lot on the color you choose.

To get on with it, take a small section of your hair and dampen it with some water. Also dampen the pastel you’ve chosen, but not too much. We don’t want it to turn to mush.
Now apply the pastel to the section of dampened hair moving it in one direction from the top of the section you want colored to the tips of your hair. Repeat this on sections of your hair until you’ve applied the color everywhere you want it to be.

Now that that’s done, blow dry the damp, colored parts of your hair. Once its all dry, apply hair spray. This kind of seals the pastels in place. After that you can go ahead and style your hair normally with a curling or flat iron! Avoid brushing as much as you can though as the chalk will come out some every time you do. Now enjoy you’re fun colored hair!


Don’t worry, it washes out pretty easily. I’m pretty excited to try a bunch of different colors for different occasions! Maybe I’ll do a green for St. Patrick’s day or something!

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-The Whale

Refreshing My Portfolio


So lately I’ve been working a bit on re-branding myself. At least from a professional standpoint. I just felt that it was time to freshen things up. I wanted my new look to be cleaner and less cluttered, while still being me and being fun.

Refreshing My Portfolio


I’m pretty fond of how it turned out. It was a somewhat long process with a lot development from where I started. I did get some help from my graphic design friend Matt Tout. For serious he’s awesome.

But anyways. Check out my new portfolio and give me your thoughts!

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-The Whale

Ombre Hair

Hello hello!
I don’t know if any of you noticed lately, but I have teal in my hair. Yep. Not just teal though. It’s ombre from teal to my normal brown. I rather love it. Like a lot. I’m also pretty proud of it because I did it on my own at home! I decided that maybe I should share with you all how I accomplished this. :]


Alrighty. Let’s get started!

You Need:
To ombre dye one’s hair, one needs a few key things.
-Hair dye in the color you want. (I used Ion Color Brilliance in Teal.
-Diluter. I’ve also heard conditioner will work for this but I didn’t try it. This will make your dye lighter.
-Hair Bleach. (Of course if you have light hair you probably don’t need this.)
-Developer both for the bleach and the dye.
-Mixing bowl.
-I also used an application brush… but it didn’t make it into the picture. (opps…)
-Aluminum foil cut into squares. (also didn’t get in the picture…)
-Gloves. (I’m good and getting everything into pictures…)

Okay. So start out with dry, unwashed hair. First step is then to bleach. Of course, like I said before, if you have light hair you probably can skip this step… Follow the instructions on your bleach to prepare it/mix it. For mine I had to mix the bleach and developer in my mixing bowl.
Next I determined how much of my hair I wanted to dye. Just the ends for me! I then test bleached a bit of my hair to make sure it would turn out alright and didn’t make my hair fall out!
Once that was all said and done, I went ahead and started applying the bleach to the ends of my hair in sections by brushing it out onto a piece of foil. To make it sort of ‘ombre,’ I used my fingers (with gloves on!) to kind of fade it out going towards the top of my head. I wish I could explain that better… I hope it makes sense! I then folded the foil around the section of hair and moved on the next one until all my hair was foiled up!
Like this! ^^^ :]

Now is time to wait. My was pretty dark to start out, so I ended up having to wait a full hour and a half for the bleach to do its magic. Just take a peak at your hair every so often. You’ll see when its ready!

Okay. Now we’re ready for the dye!
I decided that since I wanted the ends of my hair to be the lightest, then turn darker into brown, I needed two shades of teal. To accomplish this with one tube of dye, I first prepared the dye in one of my mixing bowls according to the directions (1 part dye 1 part developer). I then transferred about half of that into another bowl and added all of my diluter. This made one bowl dark and one bowl lighter.

Now for the actual dying! I first separated my hair into sections again. After that I took each section and applied the dye brushing onto the foil again. To achieve ‘ombre,’ I first applied the lighter dye to the very end of the section, then applied the darker dye to the top of the blonde part of my hair. I then used my fingers to try and blend the two colors where they met in the middle of the blonde part.

Once the dye is applied to a section of hair, wrap up the foil and move on until all your hair is foiled up again! Now just wait for the dye to… dye. Make sure to follow the time frame on the directions of your dye.

All done!

I like how I have a teal bun when I put it up. :]

I hope this was helpful for anyone of you hoping to achieve this kind of look yourselves!

-The Whale

Lately… In Instagrams

Oh, hey!

Since I’ve been telling you guys how busy I’ve been lately… well I decided to share with you some of the recent things I’ve been up to. So here are some Instagrams from the past month or so!

Lots of fires! Like really.

Lots of Franklin County. (My home)

Alt-J in concert! That was pretty great!
Indianapolis adventures.

My best friend’s bachlorette party!

And then of course the wedding!

Steak-N-Shake all the time. (and creeping on this guy) :]



Lots of hanging out in the city trying to figure out where to move!

The decision.

Moving day!


Well. That pretty much sums it all up… a bit. Of course there is more. But a little at a time. :]

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-The Whale

So. I Moved!

Hello, everyone!

So if you’ve been reading my posts lately you’ll know that I’ve been rather busy. Well. Part of that is the fact that I have moved! That’s right. I’m out all on my own now!

I am so excited to have found the apartment I did. It’s in the exact area I wanted, for a price I like, and it’s pretty much just an awesome space! So having said that, I figured I would show you guys a few photos of my new living quarters…

This is of course a work in progress… (hence why there are no photos of the bedroom.. it’s very much still in progress). There’s tons of windows and hence natural light, and super high ceilings. Plus its located in the historic Over the Rhine area of Cincinnati, Ohio. This area has a not so great history, but recent efforts to revitalize it are going well. Very well. Some of my favorite bars and restaurants are here as well as a super cute vintage shop.

Well that is that. I’ll be posting updates and little home projects on here as I work on my space, so be on the lookout for that!

-The Whale

Family Treasures

Hello all.

So, my grandma died about a month ago. Its sad I know, but she was suffering from Alzheimers and was having a tough time. RIP Grandma Vera Russell.

Anyways, my family has finally gotten started with going through her house and dividing up all of her old things. I was unaware that this was going on at the time, so I didn’t get to partake yet, but my mother brought me some things she thought I would like. (And she was right!)

If you’ve seen many of my previous posts you may have noticed my slight obsession with scarves…. especially the vintage silk ones. Well, I’ve now nearly doubled my collection!

This is my favorite. So pretty.

I was also given a few pairs of gloves (love the yellow ones!) and an interesting fuzzy hat.

One thing my grandma was known for was her quilt making. My mom brought me this one she made. I absolutely love the colors and the pattern!

Well, that is all I have to share today. I am certain this is only the first of a few posts about nifty things found from my grandma’s. I’m glad to have some things I love to remember her by.

-The Whale

NeoCon and Chicago.

Hello hello!

So its been about a week since I posted last. The reason behind this is because I’ve been visiting Chicago! Yep, the windy city (which I learned allll about believe me). Anyways, I was visiting Chicago to attend this three day event called NeoCon. Basically NeoCon is huge event for Interior Designers and Architects showcasing new products. You can also attend seminars and learn all sorts of new things. NeoCon was a new experience for me and it was an enjoyable one. I wish I had taken some pictures, but unfortunately for me, I managed to forget my camera at home for this week! The only photos I do have are from my mother’s camera.

We did a lot of things in Chicago. Some of my favorites were the “Bean” sculpture in Millennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, and also visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio in Oak Park. Like I said, I didn’t get a lot of photos, but here are the one’s from my mother’s camera:

Hope everyone is having a good summer! It’s been ridiculously hot here in Muncie, IN. I’m definitely glad my apartment complex has a pool! How are keeping cool these warmer months?

-The Whale