West. (Vacation Photos)

Hey, Everyone! I’m back from vacation!

This post is all about my travels and a bunch of photos!

I must say that this trip involved a lot of driving… I wasn’t a huge fan of that. I also wish I had taken more photos of the cabin, and any at all of Denver. I do have more on my phone, so that might end up being another post!

My favorite part (scenery wise) was the Badlands hands down. You can probably tell by the amount of photos I took there! So lovely.

My favorite part (activity wise) was a tie between the cabin we stayed at in South Dakota, or Denver, Colorado. I wish I could have had more time to see Denver… we only stayed one night there. Maybe I’ll make a trip back there!

Now it’s back to daily life in Cincinnati. I do love my city.

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-The Whale


DIY Custom Flask!

Hey, everyone!

TGIF! (for serious) This week has been DRAGGING. It probably has something to do with the fact that I’m GOING ON VACATION next week… it always seems that when you’re looking forward to something, it takes forever for the time to arrive!

Anyways, I recently invested in a new flask… It was just something I felt I needed to have. However, I also felt that I needed to make it my own in some way. Hence this post!

Custom flask DIY

So I’ve had these awesome paint markers for a while now. I really do use them a bunch. When I got my flask and was pondering how to be creative with it, I ultimately decided to use them to create a design!

You Need:
-A Flask
-Paint Markers
-Clear Sealer

This is a pretty straight forward DIY. Use your markers to paint a design onto the flask. I decided to go with a geometric design that also incorporated the word “meow”… mostly because I’m crazy. Obviously draw what suites you!
flask paint

After the design is done, allow it to dry completely. (about an hour or so) Once the paint is dry, apply a coat of clear sealer. I did one side of my flask, let it dry, then did the other side. The sealer will ensure that your design stays on and will protect it from scratches! Be sure to follow the instructions on what ever sealer you get.

DIY flask

And done! Easy as pie.

I love my new little flask… it’s probably coming with me on vacation.

Speaking of vacation… I’m leaving this Sunday morning to go west. I know that’s very general, but we’re going a lot of places! (Yellowstone, Denver, Mt. Rushmore, Ect.) I’m pretty excited about it, and I plan on taking a ton of photos that I can share with you all! Follow me on Instagram for current updates! Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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-The Whale

Change Up Your Cheeseburger!

Hey, everyone!

One thing you should all know about me…. I love cheeseburgers. I really do. Especially in the summer when grilling is the thing to do!

Change up your cheeseburger

Although I do enjoy a standard, classic burger, I occasionally like to change it up. Switch some things around. Add some interesting flavors. Today I’m not really posting an actually recipe… more like a few suggestions and ideas for you all so you can get inspired and come up with your very own cheeseburger flavors!
The burgers I made for this post are kind of a smokey BBQ flavor. Yeah.


I always start with 1lb of ground beef (or sirloin if you’re feeling fancy). I then mix in the other ingredients. Today it was some minced onion, BBQ sauce, Worcester sauce, salt & pepper, and a bit of garlic powder. Sometimes I add some shredded cheese. Sometimes I add various veggies. Spices. You can do ANYTHING!

After all your ingredients are mixed into the beef, it’s time to form the patties. That’s pretty easy. Then it’s time to grill!

Once off the grill, choose some toppings! I added pepper-jack cheese, guacamole, spicy brown mustard, and lettuce. I’m odd I suppose, but it was super good!

I’d be pretty stoked to hear about any great flavor combinations you guys come up with! Happy grilling!
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-The Whale