DIY Studded Hair Pins!

Hey, everyone!

I have a little DIY for you today!

DIY Studded Hair Pins

These are all super easy but also super cute! Check it out!

you need

-Hair clip/ bobby pins
-Hot glue gun
-studs (I pulled mine off of an old belt, but you can get them at craft stores!)

Studded Clip

Figure out how many studs you need to cover your clip. Fold in the prongs for that amount of studs. (A pair of pliers come in handy here!)

Use a hot glue gun to apply the studs! Easy right???

Bobby Pins

Apply a generous dab of hot glue into the cavity of a stud and press the end of a bobby pin into it flat side up.

Fold the stud prongs in over the bobby pin. (Pliers also hand here!) Done!

I love how easy these are and also how much fun and variation you can do! Obviously for the bow, I just glued one stud in the center… I figured you guys could catch onto that. :]

-The Whale


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