Fuji Instax Mini


My post for today is featuring a camera I received as a birthday gift (by request of course) back in December, and I must say, this camera has very quickly become a favorite toy of mine! Better even than my Holga I so dearly love! The camera I’m talking about is the Fuji Instax Mini!
fuji instax
The great thing about the Instax is that it prints out the photos instantly like a Polaroid does! I’ve been taking this camera with me on a lot of adventures lately so it has gotten tons of use!
I love the vintage, old-style feel of the photos!

One problem though, now I have a pile of Instax photos just sitting on top of my dresser…. I need to find something interesting to do with them! I’ve been looking for some inspiration and found some intriguing ideas here and here. I was also thinking of making some sort of nifty scrap book with them. Any suggestions are welcome!

-The Whale


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