Denim and Lace: Vest

Hello hello!

This post is a bit late… I know. I’m slacking. Oh well. Its here now!

I have a new upcycle to share! It is probably one of my favorites so far!


I made a vest! That’s a new one for me. Does anyone remember the denim and crochet shirt I did a while back? Well, to make this vest, I used the back from that shirt which I had cut out, as well as some thrifted lace curtains (which I found for $6 unopened not long ago and snagged to use as fabric!)

To construct this vest, I traced the denim part I had onto the lace and then cut that in half to create the two sides of the front of the vest. I then sewed it all together on my trusty sewing machine.

…and a side view:

I still felt as though it needed a little something extra… a little more personality. I then decided to add a denim pocket to the front. I had a denim dress in my pile of stuff to work on that had pockets on it, so I simply took one off of the dress and attached it to my vest. Simple. I love when things work out like that…

Yet it still was missing something. I dug around in my random things box for awhile and came across some studs I had pulled off of an old belt I had in high school (I know, don’t judge me…) I decided these were exactly what I was looking for! I attached three to each shoulder and then three to the pocket. Presto.


I really love this new vest!

-The Whale


Featuring: Timothy Paul Myers

Hello, everyone!

Today I’m featuring another one of my favorite artists, Timothy Paul Myers!

Featuring Timothy Paul Myers

Timothy was born in 1972 and grew up in Adelaide, Australia. He now resides in Brooklyn. Timothy is well known for using unusual objects he either found in the trash, or bought at thrift stores or flea markets. This is part of why I love him! I love finding interesting things in thrift stores, so the idea of using those things for art intrigues me very much.



Timothy is also well known for his use of grids, unusual media combinations, and plexiglass display cases.



I adore it. Find out more about Timothy Paul Myers here or here.

-The Whale

Fuji Instax Mini


My post for today is featuring a camera I received as a birthday gift (by request of course) back in December, and I must say, this camera has very quickly become a favorite toy of mine! Better even than my Holga I so dearly love! The camera I’m talking about is the Fuji Instax Mini!
fuji instax
The great thing about the Instax is that it prints out the photos instantly like a Polaroid does! I’ve been taking this camera with me on a lot of adventures lately so it has gotten tons of use!
I love the vintage, old-style feel of the photos!

One problem though, now I have a pile of Instax photos just sitting on top of my dresser…. I need to find something interesting to do with them! I’ve been looking for some inspiration and found some intriguing ideas here and here. I was also thinking of making some sort of nifty scrap book with them. Any suggestions are welcome!

-The Whale

April Showers

Hello everyone!
(<3 Whale Boots!)

So spring has finally sprung here in Indiana! I'm beyond stoked to be done with all the cold and the snow. Not my thing… There was a lovely calm rain going on the other day. I felt the need to snap some pictures because it just felt so tranquil. So out in the rain I went, and you know what? It didn't bother me one bit.

Here are a few of my favorite shots:




I hope you all are also having warmer weather!

-The Whale

Interior Design March

Hello hello!

It’s about time for my second monthly Interior Design Magazine post! I got the March issue a few weeks ago and have finally found time to do the research and editing required for this sort of thing! So with out further delay:

I’ll start by highlighting some of my favorite projects in the magazine!

First up is this little house located in Lisbon, Portugal. RA Architectural & Design teamed up with ADN Garden Design to create this fantastic piece of work. The whole building is like a garden!


There is also a pool on top and the building makes use of solar panels to help with the water heater.

Second up is this fast food joint called Yohinoya in Hong Kong by As Design Service. I’m not usually a huge fan of orange, but this design caught my eye.

I like the orange and wood combination and the interesting textures they put together! Plus check out the nifty little menu area!

Now this project is by far my absolute favorite from this issue! It’s a penthouse located in Paris, France. The penthouse was previously the home of Auguste Perret, one of France’s greatest 20th-century architects. Perret had constructed the building and then created his own apartment on the top level. The penthouse had been unoccupied for decades before Felix Claus of Claus en Kaan Architects decided to move in. Felix paid three years worth of rent in advance in order to be able to renovate the apartment and bring it back to its former glory.
I absolutely love the french doors and the concrete columns! It all makes sense since Perret was a specialist in reinforced concrete construction.
Its such a lovely place with great details! I’m in love with it.

Okay, now for my favorite products in this issue!

Bocci 28: “Arbel developed a method that has loose parameters built into it, which produces a different shape in every iteration of the fabrication procedure. Thus, every 28 series pendant made is formally different from any other in existence.” I love that these are all unique and made from a complex glass blowing technique.

Foscarini: Caboche:
“Suspension lamp composed by spheres of polymetylmetacrylate, transparent or gold yellow. A screen in white satinized blown glass guarantees maximum diffusion of light and prevents glare.” I have been in love with the Caboche by Foscarini ever since the moment I saw it a few years ago!

Volare Collection by Elitis: “β€œThe weight of the feather”Nature offers us its most sophisticated for an exceptional wall dΓ©cor that lacks no spirit! Time to fly at each new season, free minded.” These wall coverings are probably my favorite ones I have ever come across.

Rex Ray Infused Veneer: B+N Industries teamed up with artist Rex Ray to create an infused wood veneer collection. I just love the colors and patterns!

Well, that concludes my March edition of Interior Design!

-The Whale

Ombre Top Upcycle

Hello, Everyone!
ombre top
I have a new upcycle today! I had bought this men’s button up at Goodwill a bit ago. It didn’t really take long for me to decide what I wanted to do with it.


It was obviously huge one me (an XLL) but I loved to fabric and the buttons! I know I always cut off sleeves… but I did that again, and took in the sides enough to fit me. I also cut off a lot of length in the front, but left the back the original length. I like that look and its been popular lately. I still felt that this top needed something different, so I decided to try and go for an ombre dye! I picked out a pale pink and used this tutorial to accomplish what I wanted!
ombre top after


I really like it!

What are your thoughts on the ombre look?

-The Whale

Tangy Avocado Dressing

Hello hello!

I have another recipe to share! This one is a great one! It’s kind of a combination of guacamole and salad dressing. I love guacamole. I love salad. I’m in love with this.


Chop all the vegetables into more manageable sizes. The easiest way to cube an avocado is to first slice it in half and remove the pit. Then you can use a small knife to cut a checkered pattern but without breaking the skin. All you need to do after that is scoop it out with a spoon. Easy.

Toss all of your ingredients into a blender or food processor. I’m not lucky enough to have a food processor so I used a blender. Simply blend the ingredients until its smooth. That’s it!

I like to eat it on a nice spinach salad with a bit of kale and sunflower seeds. Tasty. :]

-The Whale

Easter Dress


So I’m pretty excited about this one! As I’m sure you all know Easter was this past weekend. I wanted a new dress to wear to my Easter festivities, (church, lunch at my Grandma’s) so I decided that instead of buying one I would attempt to make one!
Easter dress

I bought a pattern a few weeks ago and had been itching to try it… I just needed the perfect fabric. I found said fabric at a vintage store downtown in Cincinnati last weekend and was so excited to use it! It was a very Easter esk pattern.

This dress is pretty easy and didn’t take long to make, yet I love the fit and simplicity! Also, the colors in the fabric go perfectly with my favorite scarf!

Happy Easter
I wore it with a bright cardigan, pink tights, and boots for Easter day.
I hope everyone had a good Easter!

-The Whale