Nothing Fancy Homemade Latte

Hello, Everyone!

So today I want to share something that I discovered a month or so ago that has become pretty much a daily part of my life… homemade lattes! I’ve always been a fan of lattes. It’s pretty much my go to drink at coffee shops. Either a classic latte or a chai latte. I was pretty excited when I found of how easy it really was to create one at home and without anything fancy!
Nothing Fancy Latte

Nothing Fancy Latte
You Need:
Ground Coffee
Milk (I mainly use almond milk, but I’ve also used 2% and soy.)


Okay, an important part to creating a good latte without an espresso machine is strong coffee. I typically brew my coffee with about twice as much grounds as the package recommends. (So about 2tbs per cup of water) Now here’s the kicker: after the coffee is brewed, I pour it back into the coffee maker and rebrew it. That’s some strong coffee. Perfect.

Now you need to warm up your milk. I just warm it up on the stove top. Once its warm, use a wire whisk to create the foam lattes are so well known for. I’ve found that this is a lot easier with almond or soy milk, but if you’re using normal milk don’t fret. It just takes a little longer and a little more whisking! The milk is ready once the foam bubbles aren’t popping anymore.

To finish your homemade latte all you need to do is combine the coffee and milk and add whatever sweetener and/or flavoring you’d like! I’ve found that the best coffee to milk ratio (at least for me) is about 3 parts coffee for 1 part milk. For sweetness and flavoring I like to use flavored simple syrups (learn how to make them here) such as cinnamon or vanilla! Scoop some foam on the top and you’re good to go! I’ve been drinking a lot of these iced lately since its (finally) been warming up a bit!
So good!

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Happy latte making!

-The Whale


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