Floral Dress.

Hello all!

So today I have a brand new upcycle to share! I’ve had this dress for quite awhile. I got it from Goodwill back in August or so and was super enthusiastic in the beginning… unfortunately I can’t find the before pictures from way back then, but I promise you it was awful. Think something along these lines:

I just really liked the feel of the fabric and the floral print. Anyways, I immediately developed an idea of what I wanted the dress to look like and got to cutting. After awhile, the dress wasn’t really turning out how I envisioned, so I became discouraged and ultimately stashed the dress away in the bottom of my ‘to be worked on’ pile…

A few weeks ago I was going through said pile, and came across it again. I decided to give it another go with a new idea, and I must say I wasn’t disappointed this time!

I ended up turning it into a halter with a deep back. I feel its a nice and breezy dress for a hot summer day (just like the ones we’ve been having!)

-The Whale


Polka Dots!

Hello, hello!

So today I have a new upcycle! It’s been awhile since I’d done one (due to lack of materials and money to acquire those materials) but I found this dress in my mother’s closet awhile back and loved the polka dots. I had been wanting to give it a much needed face lift ever since!

So here it is before:

Note the beautiful ruffles…. It also had some issues with the seams around the neckline falling out.

I removed those lovely ruffles… and took a bit off the front so the back is a bit longer than the front like a lot of dresses I’ve been seeing lately. I liked the look so I attempted to recreate it, though the back isn’t longer enough to notice much. I also lowered the neckline a bit and hemmed up the top. It still needed something… so I added a cute little bow in the front!


What do you think? Adorable right? :]

Well that’s all I have for today. It’s lovely weather. I believe I’m going to grill with some cool people tonight and eat some tasty chocolate pie I made earlier today.

-The Whale

Dream Catchers and Feathers.

Hello everyone!

I’ve been making a lot of necklaces lately. Just for fun. I tend to make things when I’m bored. There are three I am especially proud of that I feel the need to share with you all.

The first is a feather necklace. I’ve been rather obsessed with feathers as of late.

The second is a beaded bit. It took me some time to figure out how to put it together to achieve the results I was going for, but it was worth the effort and I’m pretty proud of it!

The last one is a dream catcher inspired piece. I had been seeing necklaces in this style around and really loved the way they looked.. so I made my own! It’s also a combination of my crochet/jewelry skills because the center of the dream catcher is crocheted!

Well that pretty much sums it up. I’m thinking of making some similar pieces for my Etsy shop. What do you think? Like them enough to buy?

-The Whale