Experimenting with Dye.

Hello all!

So I’ve been slacking. I know this. For some reason I just haven’t felt that inspired lately. I feel it may have something to do with my job search and the general unsuccessfulness of it so far. I know I shouldn’t get discouraged, but it gets hard to avoid. Oh well I will get through it. :]

Anyways, a bit ago I saw that this girl had managed to make her own colored jeans by bleaching and dyeing them.. I thought this was a fantastic idea, and since I had both bleach and dye on hand, I decided to give it a try with a pair of old jeans I never really wore anymore. So I mixed the bleach and water in my bathtub and put the jeans in. The internet assured me that bleaching would take only an hour or two. Well, after about an hour when I checked on the jeans, I saw that the weren’t bleaching uniformly at all. This baffled me since they weren’t bunched up or anything. I ended up leaving them in the tub overnight in hopes that it would even out. Well, they never did. I still don’t understand why.

Trying to stay optimistic I decided to dye them anyways. Here’s how they turned out:

Very acid washed esk. I can’t say I’m much of a fan of that sort of thing.

Well anyways, I eventually decided I wasn’t going to give up. I had a pair of light grey jeans that didn’t get much use since high school, so I decided to see if I could dye them with out bleaching (in fear that I would get the same effect as the last pair).

Here’s how they turned out:

Much better! They’re a lot closer to the color I was going for!

Feeling much better having succeeded this time around I decided that maybe my ‘acid washed’ jeans would be a whole lot better as shorts and got to cutting.

I like that much better! I feel the entire jeans being that way was just too much of it, but in shorts form its great!

Well that was my recent experimentation with bleaching and dyeing. I still don’t have any idea what caused the acid wash effect. Any idea what it was? I would love and advice you have to give!

-The Whale


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