Cincinnati Reds.


So I had been wanting a new Cincinnati Reds shirt for awhile. Baseball is for certain my favorite sport. I love going to games. The atmosphere is something that you just can’t find anywhere else. Anyways, I’m a poor jobless (but searching diligently!) 22 year old… in other words, I can’t afford a new shirt. I can’t afford milk.

In light of my predicament, I decided to take it upon myself to just make myself a new Reds shirt! I had a few medium mens shirts from a pack I bought to make my brother a birthday present… and I had upcycled one of them before (post about it here) so I decided to just go along with that again. I used some of the handy fabric I have in my closet (thank goodness I had red!) and got to work!


And the back:

Well I hope you all like it and are inspired to try some new creative things yourselves!

-The Whale


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