Kitten Toys DIY!

Hello Hello!

So today I wanted to share with you two cute DIYs for some kitten toys! I’ve had my rescue kitten, Cully, for about two months now, and I decided it was about time she got some new toys to bat around!

Anyways, toy number one is what I call a ‘kitty duster’… you know… like a feather duster for cats to play with!

Kitty Duster

You will need:

-small dowel rod (or a stick of some sort)
-tacky glue
-yarn or string

Step One:
Apply tacky glue to one end of the dowel rod and attach the feathers on all sides of it until you feel there are enough feathers.

Step Two:
Apply more tacky glue at the tip of the dowel rod (on the feathers) and attach the end of the yarn. Begin to wrap the yarn around the feathers down the dowel rod until the feathers are tightly secured. I wrapped the dowel rod a bit past the feathers even.

Step Three:
Apply more tacky glue to the end of the yarn and secure. Now all you have to do is wait for the glue to dry completely and you’re ready to play!

Cully was a fan. :]

This next toy I call ‘The Puffball.’ This one is great because it uses so few materials and can be made in various sizes!

The Puffball

You will need:

-Something to wrap it around (I used my tv remote, but it depends on how big you want the puff to be. The thicker the thing you wrap it around the bigger the puff will be!)

Step One:
Start to wrap the yarn around your object. Make sure to wrap over the beginning string to secure it.

Step Two:
Continue to wrap the yarn until it is thickly layered.

Step Three:
Pull the yarn off of the object. Make sure to hold onto it so that it doesn’t lose its shape.

Step Four:
Take a string of yarn the length you would like the toy to be and tie the end around the bunch of yarn you wrapped around the object. Tie it tight! I like to even wrap it around a few times to make sure it is as tight as can be.

Step Five:
Cut the loops on both sides of the yarn bunch. After that all you have to do is fluff out your puff!

She’s so precious!

Both of these toys were a hit with Cully! After you have the basics you can experiment as well! I later combined the two methods to make a feather bunch on the end of a string.

Hope you enjoyed these fun DYIs! Also, don’t forget my Etsy Shop is having a 25% off sale when you use the code LOVEWHALE at checkout!

-The Whale


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