Old Jeans Upcycle!

Hello all!

Today I have an old jeans upcylce to share with you! Of course I made them into shorts for the summer, but not just your regular cut offs! I found my inspiration from one of my favorite blogs and decided to put my own style into it.


So here’s what I did!

I started by turning my jeans into cut off shorts. Just regular normal cut offs.

I then picked a pretty fabric (cute little apples right?) and cut out and pinned on my design.

After that I went to my handy sewing machine and hemmed the shorts with bright red thread.

Once they were hemmed, I used embroidery thread to stitch on the apple fabric. I made the stitches kind of nonuniform and sloppy. I don’t like perfect things. :]

Lovely right?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week like I am! Lots of crafty things going on in my world as well as very pleasant (not too hot) weather. The job search continues! Wish me luck!

Ps- Go REDS!

-The Whale


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