Hello hello!

It feels so good to be finally done with school! My graduation ceremony is tomorrow and I couldn’t get anymore excited! In the meantime I’ve been relaxing and filling my days with crafty and fun things!

Iced tea and coffee have been key liquids in my diet as of late. They go along perfectly with the weather we’ve been having here lately.

I’ve found myself doing a few sewing projects this week (one I intend to post about soon!) I’m so thankful for the bags of vintage fabric my grandmother gave me last summer. Its nice to be able to make things on a whim and have all this pretty fabric on hand!

I know this isn’t the best picture, but one of the best things about the past few weeks is that my roommates and I rescued a kitten! We found her hiding in a stump at the local park nearly starved to death! At first she was super jumpy and cautious of us, but she has been warming up a lot and is just adorable. One of my quick sewing projects was the bed she is on in this picture!

Finally, my roommate/best friend and I did a fun sort of whimsy feeling photo shoot the other day just for fun! Take a look at some of my favorite shots!

-The Whale


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