Glass Etching DIY.

Hello all!

I know it has been some time since my last post. I apologize but senior projects are rather time consuming! Anyways, enough with the excuses I have a new crafty thing to show you all! I figured I would share a fun little DIY for glass etching, a hobby I only recently picked up, but am really enjoying!

You will need:
Glass etching cream [I use this.]
Protective Gloves
Paint brush
Stencils (masking tape)
Something Glass

Step one: If you don’t already have a stencil made you will need to make one (unless you plan on etching the entire object). I used some masking tape to make my stencils since the stencil will need to stick to the glass and then be easily removed. I simply drew the design I wanted on the tape and cut it out with an x-acto blade. For this glass I made a geometric triangle design.

Step two: Apply the stencil. Since I used tape I just stuck it right on. Important thing to remember, you must make sure the stencil is pressed on well and there are no air pockets or the etching cream will get into it. This may or may not be a big deal depending on how exact you want your design to be.

Step three/four: MAKE SURE TO PUT ON THE RUBBER GLOVES! Etching cream takes off a layer of the glass. Imagine what it could do to your skin should you get some on you! Carefully dip your brush into the cream and apply it thickly to the glass where you want your design to be. Try to apply it as uniformly as possible or it could be a bit blotchy.

Step five: Wait. Leave the cream on the glass for awhile. I usually wait about a half hour or a little less.

Step six:Rinse off the etching cream thoroughly. Make sure you put the gloves back on before you do this! Don’t touch the etching cream! I also make sure to rinse my sink out completely to remove any cream that may linger in the it. Remove the stencil (if it didn’t come off during the rinsing) and dry your glass and there you have it!

Hope you all liked my first attempt at a DIY! Maybe I shall try a few more?

-The Whale


A Walk Through The Woods.

Hello all!

So this week is my spring break from school (which is somewhat frustrating considering it is not even spring yet and has in fact snowed last night…) and since I did not go on vacation anywhere I have been rather bored. Yesterday I decided to take a walk through to woods behind my house and took my camera along. I practically grew up in those woods; I was in running through them pretty much every single day in my childhood. I photoshopped a few of my favorite shots from the walk:

It was a pretty nice (yet still chilly) day, but the sun was just starting to go down. I have always loved the lighting at that time of day. I am still waiting for my Holga photos to be developed, but hopefully they arrive soon.

-The Whale