I Got a New Camera!

Hey there!

So, I had been wanting a Holga camera for a few months now ever since I saw this toy camera guide on one of my favorite blogs. I know holga cameras aren’t on the list, but it got me curios and researching different types of toy cameras and I came across the Holga and fell in love with the style of images it produces! Naturally I started scoping out Ebay for a great deal and finally got one new for only about $18! Not bad I’d say.

Anxiously I waited until it arrived in the mail today! Another thing I came across on the same blog is that some people had painted theirs to give it a sort of face lift. I instantly wanted to do the same to the plain black camera. I got to work straight right away.



I also decided to crochet a cute matching strap to go along with my new camera since I didn’t much like the red and black striped one it originally came with. It was simple enough to sew on the clips from the old strap to make it adjustable.

I am beyond excited to get to the store asap to get some film for this thing and take a day out at the park experimenting! [If it would only warm up a bit more…] You all can be sure to expect a post about the images I get! I am by no means a photographer, but I do love to play around with cameras. :]

-The Whale


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