Yoga Matt Bag

Hi there!

So I recently decided to start a quick project in which I crocheted a carrying bag for my yoga matt! I have hopes that maybe having a cute carrying case for it will encourage me to maybe take my matt places and use it more! I used a simple single crochet stitch and a two tone blue/white color scheme. I added a cute drawstring and a strap and done!

Lovely right? :]

Also, I would have you know that I finally got the opportunity to take my new Holga Camera out for a trial run today! I’ve sent off the photos to be developed so expect a post about that relatively soon!

-The Whale


Portfolio Site

Hello Hello!

So I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on my portfolio website for my interior design stuff, well I think I finally have it to the point where I am willing to share! It still is (and will be pretty much forever) in progress, but I was hoping to get some opinions from you as to what you think of it and point our any problems you come across.

Click to visit my site:

What do you think of the colors and the top banner? Is it good usability wise? Please give me some feedback!

-The Whale

Hat Box Foundation

Hello all!

So for some time I have had this urge to do something with my crocheting that will help out someone else. For the longest time I didn’t have a clue what that could be, but I started noodling around on the internet and came across a list of charity links that accept crocheted and knitted items. I looked through a lot of them and finally decided I wanted to help out with The Hat Box Foundation. This organization gives your handmade hats to cancer patients. After coming to this decision I immediately got to work. At this point I am proud to say I have finished a total of four hats to send, and my roommate also decided to participate and is working on a few.

I am particularily proud of this basket stitch hat I made. It should be super warm!

Well that is all for now! I should be posting an update about my senior project here soon so keep an eye out for that and if you crochet or knit you should really look into some of these organizations!

-The Whale

Granny Square Blanket…Finally!


So I don’t know if any of you remember my granny square blanket I’ve been working on for quite some time, but I am pleased to say that it is finally completed! I was hoping to have it done awhile ago, but at the end of the process I decided to add a final detail that ended up taking longer than I had intended.

The detail I decided to add at the end was the penny circle border I did. I made it a bit bigger than it should have been so it bunches up, but I actually like the finale effect it had.

Well that is all for now!
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-The Whale