Cardigans Galore

Well hi!

I finally have come across some time to post about my latest thrifting trip! This past trip was somewhat of a special occasion because it was a reuniting of long lost friends! My friend Josh from high school has been busy with the Army for quite some time and I had not realized he was back in town now! Of course as soon as I found out we instantly set up a hang out date. I decided to introduce him to the magic that is Valley Thrift Store. My all time favorite.

So here are the finds that I scored that day [It was actually about 2 weeks ago!]

This lovely white cardigan. I really liked the pattern.

This seafoam green zip up cardigan sweater thing. My favorite color. :]

I love the pattern on this super comfy sweater! Problem was the sweater was wayyy too huge on me, even by comfy sweater standards… so I slimmed it down to fit me. Easy. :]

And to top it off, I also added a new silk scarf to my vast collection. :]

Well that about sums it up for my thrifting finds.

On a different topic, today is Cyber Monday! They day to support eCommerce stores. As a result I am offering a FREE gift of a set of crochet coasters with any order on from my Etsy Shop today! So make sure to check it out!

-The Whale


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