A Crafty School Project

Hello all!

I know two posts in a week! I’m on a role! This is another school project post as we are currently wrapping up this one. This project was actually kind of out of the ordinary for an Interior Design assignment, but it was interesting as well.

This project required that we come up with a product that we can make and sell and then actually make a few of them and sell them! We also had to create a business and marketing plan, but that’s the boring part I will spare you from. :]

Anyways, I chose to make camera cases for my product inspired by this this tutorial. I of course procrastinated since it was a school project and not just a side project I was working on… so as a result I made seven of these things last night… and did not sleep. Did I learn my lesson? We shall see won’t we?

Well here they are:

I made several versions as you can tell, the large ones being for cameras about the size of mine, and I figured the smaller ones could be used for small cameras or phones or anything really!

Lovely yes? I was about to throw my sewing machine out the window just around 5:00 this morning when it decided that it was a perfect time to act up and jam every 5 seconds, but I powered through it and I’m pretty proud of the results. Each case is lined with a foam material so as to keep your phone or camera safe. :]

Another part of the project was to create an advertisement poster for our product and booth. I of course branded these along with The Whale’s Endeavors. :]

My classmates and I will be selling our products on campus (of Ball State University) this Wednesday from about 9:30 to 11:00, so if you’re around come check it out! All of them I don’t sell then will end up on my Etsy Shop so keep an eye out if you like what you see!

-The Whale


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