Upcycled Round 1.


So I have FINALLY finished some of the thrifted items that I was altering! I still have a few more [and I’m quite sure I will be acquiring more before these are finished] to go, but I figured I would post this bunch since they were finished and all.

So here we go…


Take a look at this beautiful dress. All the way to the floor and can you say shoulder pads? The fit wasn’t bad though.


For this one all I really had to do was remove the lovely shoulder pads and chop off a foot or two. Easy fix. :]


Check out this work of art… such a lovely attached vest that reminded me of my middle school art teacher [which I assure you is not a good thing].


For this one I simply removed the beautiful vest, which was only attached to the front, and then shortened the back to be the same length as the front. [Don’t mind my silly faces] :]

This final one I don’t have a before photo of it, but basically the skirt was longer. Now its shorter. :]

I would also like to note that pretty much this whole outfit was thrifted minus the tights. I got the shirt yesterday along with the things I posted about here, as well as my shoes from this post. The belt I actually snatched from my mother’s closet along with a few other things I found interesting. Maybe I will post about them as well some day. :]

Well that’s about it for now. Check out my Etsy Shop!

-The Whale


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