I know I’m Slacking…

Well hello there. Long time no posts I know. I am truly sorry and I have missed you! School has been taking up my time [as it should] and, okay I admit it, I have been watching ridiculous amounts of Lost on Netflix… you know, the show from a few years back where people were stranded on a crazy island? But don’t worry. I’m on the final season so it won’t be taking my time for much longer.

Anyways, I am posting today to update you on some of my thrifting finds from the past month or so. Now I like to thrift a lot… so yes I do have a lot of items I have found since my last post. I suppose I shall just tell you about the ones I was most excited about. :]

First off, I had been looking for some ankle boots or oxfords or both for a bit of time, and I was really excited to find this pair at Goodwill one day! They need broken in a bit, but for $6 I can deal!

Another find that I was pleased with is this small leather shoulder bag. I was looking at a few of them trying to decide which one I liked better when this particular one caught my eye. The little fringe detail on the front instantly sold it to me over the other two I was deciding between. Plus it was cheaper. Only $4. :]

My final find that I feel the need to tell you about is my new leather jacket! I’ve been wanting one since they have appeared in just about every store this fall, but I was determined not to spend as much as those would cost. I found this one at my favorite thrift store ever, Valley Thrift Store in Fairfield, OH. It’s 100% leather and my favorite leather color. I looked it up online, and the same jacket can be bought off ebay for about $65. How much did I pay? $7. Yep. :]

Well that pretty much brings you up to date with my thrifting. There are a few things that I have also found which you will be hearing about later on. Things that I found and am currently working on altering and upcycling to suite my own taste, and I’m very excited to show you the finished products as soon as they’re completed!

Until then, you should do yourself a favor and check out my Etsy Shop!
-The Whale-


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