Daltile Competiton


So I actually have something to post about school today! I feel the need to share some of my work that I do at school on here and maybe someone will think that I have talent. :]

I am currently in my fourth [and final] year of Ball State University’s Interior Design program! I can’t wait to graduate this may! But to go on, we recently just finished a project for a competition. The competition was for a tile company called Daltile. We were to use their products in a space, any space we wanted, and… well that’s about it.

My professor decided to incorporate this competition into one of our projects in which we had to design a business club, a restaurant type place where meetings and events are held. We also had to chose an art movement to use for inspiration. I chose the Bauhaus movement and the artist László Moholy-Nagy. You may recognize one of his more popular pieces:

So here are the renderings:

And the floor plan:

And here is my presentation board:

For this project, I used Autodesk Revit Architecture, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.
Hope you like it!

-The Whale


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