A Crafty School Project

Hello all!

I know two posts in a week! I’m on a role! This is another school project post as we are currently wrapping up this one. This project was actually kind of out of the ordinary for an Interior Design assignment, but it was interesting as well.

This project required that we come up with a product that we can make and sell and then actually make a few of them and sell them! We also had to create a business and marketing plan, but that’s the boring part I will spare you from. :]

Anyways, I chose to make camera cases for my product inspired by this this tutorial. I of course procrastinated since it was a school project and not just a side project I was working on… so as a result I made seven of these things last night… and did not sleep. Did I learn my lesson? We shall see won’t we?

Well here they are:

I made several versions as you can tell, the large ones being for cameras about the size of mine, and I figured the smaller ones could be used for small cameras or phones or anything really!

Lovely yes? I was about to throw my sewing machine out the window just around 5:00 this morning when it decided that it was a perfect time to act up and jam every 5 seconds, but I powered through it and I’m pretty proud of the results. Each case is lined with a foam material so as to keep your phone or camera safe. :]

Another part of the project was to create an advertisement poster for our product and booth. I of course branded these along with The Whale’s Endeavors. :]

My classmates and I will be selling our products on campus (of Ball State University) this Wednesday from about 9:30 to 11:00, so if you’re around come check it out! All of them I don’t sell then will end up on my Etsy Shop so keep an eye out if you like what you see!

-The Whale


Cardigans Galore

Well hi!

I finally have come across some time to post about my latest thrifting trip! This past trip was somewhat of a special occasion because it was a reuniting of long lost friends! My friend Josh from high school has been busy with the Army for quite some time and I had not realized he was back in town now! Of course as soon as I found out we instantly set up a hang out date. I decided to introduce him to the magic that is Valley Thrift Store. My all time favorite.

So here are the finds that I scored that day [It was actually about 2 weeks ago!]

This lovely white cardigan. I really liked the pattern.

This seafoam green zip up cardigan sweater thing. My favorite color. :]

I love the pattern on this super comfy sweater! Problem was the sweater was wayyy too huge on me, even by comfy sweater standards… so I slimmed it down to fit me. Easy. :]

And to top it off, I also added a new silk scarf to my vast collection. :]

Well that about sums it up for my thrifting finds.

On a different topic, today is Cyber Monday! They day to support eCommerce stores. As a result I am offering a FREE gift of a set of crochet coasters with any order on from my Etsy Shop today! So make sure to check it out!

-The Whale

A Quick Sunday Project.

Hello all! :]

Today was definitely one of those sit inside and make stuff kind of day. That’s exactly what I did. Well, that and watch Disney movies with my roommates. Yes. Disney movies. :] I mostly worked on figuring out how to construct a project I’m making for school. You can expect a post about that in the next few weeks, but towards the end of the night I decided to try out an idea I got from one of my favorite blogs. It didn’t seem like it would take very long, and I had actually just bought a thermos from my favorite thrift store this weekend specifically for this project, so I got to it!

I didn’t make mine exactly the same way as the tutorial, but being different is cool right? :]

Well, that is all I have for now. Thanks for reading and check back for new posts later this week as I do have some new thrifting finds to tell about!

-The Whale

It is Now Crochet Season!

Hey there!

So as of late [as I am sure you have all noticed] the weather has been leaning towards the chilly side. I can’t say I’m exactly the biggest fan of colder weather, winter is definitely my least favorite season, but I do like warm sweaters, hot cocoa, fuzzy blankets, and of course crochet! Oh I also like delicious pumpkin lattes in my favorite kitty mug! :]

Now, I am by no means a master crocheter, but I am proud to say I can whip up a pretty decent scarf! I picked up this hobby about two years ago while living in the dorms. My roommate started doing it and it captured my interest. She is my best friend and also my crafting partner in crime!

I was inspired as of late by one of my favorite blogs and decided that I’m going to take on a new project. I’m going to attempt to create a granny square blanket! I started the process a few days ago and have already have a small stack of squares to boast of.

I think I may have had a slight obsession with the color blue while purchasing my yarn last year. I’ll for sure have to keep a lookout for sales at Hobby Lobby and Joannes on yarn so I can broaden my blanket’s colors!

Well, that is all I have for now. I will certainly keep you updated on the progress of my blanket! Until then, check out my Etsy Shop!

-The Whale

Embroidery Takes Far Too Long…

Hi there. :]

So today I have a new upcycle to show you! I’ve been working on this one for quite awhile now and am very excited to be done with it!


I found this dress in my mother’s closet, and since it doesn’t really fit her anymore, she let me have it along with a few other items. Really I could have simply shortened it and been done with it. Easy fix. I, however, wanted to add more interest to this simple dress. I decided [maybe with a bit too much enthusiasm] to do some embroidery along the bottom of the dress. I chose a simple pattern and got to it.


Not bad, yes? My embroidery skills aren’t the best since this is a first attempt for me. My lines aren’t exactly the straightest, and some of the stitches are a bit tighter than they ought to be, but overall I would proclaim this a decent success.
Maybe I could have created the same basic effect by attaching a strip of interesting fabric to the bottom instead. That probably would be a lot simpler and take up a lot less time. It also would most likely result in a lot less pain in my fingers [seeing as how I managed to stab myself several million times it seems!]. I don’t think I will be taking on a project involving this much embroidery again, but lesson learned right? :]

-The Whale

Upcycled Round 1.


So I have FINALLY finished some of the thrifted items that I was altering! I still have a few more [and I’m quite sure I will be acquiring more before these are finished] to go, but I figured I would post this bunch since they were finished and all.

So here we go…


Take a look at this beautiful dress. All the way to the floor and can you say shoulder pads? The fit wasn’t bad though.


For this one all I really had to do was remove the lovely shoulder pads and chop off a foot or two. Easy fix. :]


Check out this work of art… such a lovely attached vest that reminded me of my middle school art teacher [which I assure you is not a good thing].


For this one I simply removed the beautiful vest, which was only attached to the front, and then shortened the back to be the same length as the front. [Don’t mind my silly faces] :]

This final one I don’t have a before photo of it, but basically the skirt was longer. Now its shorter. :]

I would also like to note that pretty much this whole outfit was thrifted minus the tights. I got the shirt yesterday along with the things I posted about here, as well as my shoes from this post. The belt I actually snatched from my mother’s closet along with a few other things I found interesting. Maybe I will post about them as well some day. :]

Well that’s about it for now. Check out my Etsy Shop!

-The Whale

I’ve Been Going a Bit Crazy…


So as of late, I have been all about going to the thrift store just about every chance I can get [if you haven’t noticed from my most recent posts]. As a result, I constantly have a bunch of new things to post about! Of course I buy a lot of things to upcycle and alter, but I’m still working on those so be on the lookout for when they are done!

My trip to Goodwill today with my roommate [and bestest friend] ended up lasting about 2 hours and our cart was so full we ended up having to put half of it back and pick our favorites out of the things we had found because it was simply going to be too much even at Goodwill prices!

Anyways, here are my finds:

First up is a lovely [and super warm and comfy!] Tommy Hilfiger sweater. I thought the design was neat and only about $4. [Don’t mind my lovely ‘I’m about to go to bed hair,’ lack of makeup, and fuzzy blue socks]

Next up are these little green bowls. I couldn’t resist. $.49 each. :]

Finally, I found this leather shoulder bag. I know, I know I just bought a leather shoulder bag… well. .. this one is bigger! And its different! [Pretty much I have no excuse I just have two now..] Anyways, the brand is Etienne Aigner, and when I looked it up online the bags seemed to range anywhere from about $40 to $180. I paid $2 for mine. :]

Well that about sums it up! [for today anyways!] Thanks for actually reading and feel free to check our my Etsy Shop any time!

-The Whale

Sewing Box…

Hello hello! Happy Sunday!

So, today was a nice day. I found a new church that I like in Muncie. My heart will always belong to Church on Fire back home, but this one shall do for my weekends here. :]

Anyways, after church today my roommate and I made a trip to Goodwill. I found many good things… too many good things… but what can I say? I love to thrift. :]

Amongst the things that I found today was a small suitcase looking thing. I’ve been on the lookout for something that could work well as a sewing box for awhile now, and I determined this mini suitcase to be the chosen one.

It was nice and all [and well worth the $2 I spent on it], but I decided to promptly give it a bit of a face lift…

So here it is before:

Andddd after it’s little makeover:

Lining the inside was a bit more difficult than I had anticipated, and the results were a bit messier than intended, but I am still pleased with the outcome. :]

-The Whale

Daltile Competiton


So I actually have something to post about school today! I feel the need to share some of my work that I do at school on here and maybe someone will think that I have talent. :]

I am currently in my fourth [and final] year of Ball State University’s Interior Design program! I can’t wait to graduate this may! But to go on, we recently just finished a project for a competition. The competition was for a tile company called Daltile. We were to use their products in a space, any space we wanted, and… well that’s about it.

My professor decided to incorporate this competition into one of our projects in which we had to design a business club, a restaurant type place where meetings and events are held. We also had to chose an art movement to use for inspiration. I chose the Bauhaus movement and the artist László Moholy-Nagy. You may recognize one of his more popular pieces:

So here are the renderings:

And the floor plan:

And here is my presentation board:

For this project, I used Autodesk Revit Architecture, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.
Hope you like it!

-The Whale

I know I’m Slacking…

Well hello there. Long time no posts I know. I am truly sorry and I have missed you! School has been taking up my time [as it should] and, okay I admit it, I have been watching ridiculous amounts of Lost on Netflix… you know, the show from a few years back where people were stranded on a crazy island? But don’t worry. I’m on the final season so it won’t be taking my time for much longer.

Anyways, I am posting today to update you on some of my thrifting finds from the past month or so. Now I like to thrift a lot… so yes I do have a lot of items I have found since my last post. I suppose I shall just tell you about the ones I was most excited about. :]

First off, I had been looking for some ankle boots or oxfords or both for a bit of time, and I was really excited to find this pair at Goodwill one day! They need broken in a bit, but for $6 I can deal!

Another find that I was pleased with is this small leather shoulder bag. I was looking at a few of them trying to decide which one I liked better when this particular one caught my eye. The little fringe detail on the front instantly sold it to me over the other two I was deciding between. Plus it was cheaper. Only $4. :]

My final find that I feel the need to tell you about is my new leather jacket! I’ve been wanting one since they have appeared in just about every store this fall, but I was determined not to spend as much as those would cost. I found this one at my favorite thrift store ever, Valley Thrift Store in Fairfield, OH. It’s 100% leather and my favorite leather color. I looked it up online, and the same jacket can be bought off ebay for about $65. How much did I pay? $7. Yep. :]

Well that pretty much brings you up to date with my thrifting. There are a few things that I have also found which you will be hearing about later on. Things that I found and am currently working on altering and upcycling to suite my own taste, and I’m very excited to show you the finished products as soon as they’re completed!

Until then, you should do yourself a favor and check out my Etsy Shop!
-The Whale-