Oh How I Love Thrifting

Hello Hello!
Long time no see I know, I apologize but last week was my first week back at school and a bit hectic to say the least. I also was not able to fit my herb garden in my car for my initial move back to school, so obviously I can not blog about its progress. You can expect an update this coming weekend though.

So I have so many posts I need to work on! Recently I have upcycled two lovely outdoor chairs, as well as a pair of shorts I hope to inform everyone about. I also need to post an update about the new Etsy shop!

However, this particular post is about a new item I thrifted today! I went to the Goodwill not so far from my apartment with my roomy. We were searching for interesting clothing items we can recreate [inspired by this fantastic blog
I found earlier today. You can expect to see posts about the found items soon as well!] As we were searching through the clothes, I spotted these awesome sandals!

They were only about $4 and my favorite color! Comfy as well!

I’m so happy to have found these and am very excited to wear them often :]

-The Whale


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