Can I Use These Yet?

Hello all! Welcome to my blog! :]
It is now week six for my herb garden, and time for an update. I have been watering my herbs several times a day as of late due to the hot summer weather.

Of course the basil is still doing very well. My only concern is a few leaves that have appeared to have been munched on by evil little bugs!

The catnip is also a hit. Not being able to wait any longer, I plucked a few leaves to present to my kitty. She seemed very interested, so I rubbed a bit on her scratching post. She rubbed all over it and laid next to it for about an hour!

The cilantro and oregano are coming along. They are still growing slowly, but growing nonetheless.

The cilantro and chives are also coming a long well.

Well, the dill is doing decent. I still have one rosemary. One GIANT rosemary. It has gone through a major growth spurt recently and now towers considerably over the dill sprouts. Speaking of dill, I recently have been going through an egg salad phase having discovered [and tweaked] a great recipe! Of course this recipe uses dill, so I am most anxious to try it with fresh dill rather than than the dried I have been using.
Well, there you have it. Be sure to check back next week for a new update!
-The Whale


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