Herb Garden Week 4

Hello all :]

It’s about that time for an herb garden update. I must say it is all going very well! I wish that I had more opportunity to take care of it. You see, my mother waters her flowers every morning, and I suppose she has been watering my herb sprouts as well, for every time I check to see if they need water, the soil is moist, and it definitely has not been raining here!

Just like last week the basil is still growing rapidly! I could even get little whiffs of basil smell while I was moving the pot around to take the picture. Its about time I start searching for the perfect pesto recipe!

The catnip is also growing well. Little kitty be ready!

The cilantro plants are doing well [the few that have appeared.] The oregano continue to be tiny sprouts. I hope they decide to get taller soon.

The parsley is doing fine, and I am no longer concerned about the chives. The brown tips have disappeared. What is concerning me thought is the amount of water my mother is giving these daily. Some slimy geen stuff is popping up on the top…

The dill and rosemary seem to be doing okay. This is another bowl i fear my mother is over watering. I actually have been dumping out water that is settling on the top, and the green stuff is in this bowl too. There is still just one little sprout of rosemary. I don’t think that any more are going to grow. :/
Well you know have the inside scoop of my herb garden. Check back next week for a new update!
-The Whale


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