Grow Little Herbs Grow!

Hello :]

I didn’t get around to doing a week three update on my herb garden, so I figured a few days late is better than never.

The basil is growing like a wildfire! There will be no shortage of this herb in my cabinet this year. I even plucked a tiny leaf for a taste, and it tasted wonderful. I’ll have to find a great pesto recipe to use these little plants in once their grown!

I am slightly concerned about the oregano and cilantro. They are currently recovering from being knocked over by some mysterious creature of the night, and I had to replant them. A few oregano sprouts have just pushed through the dirt, but there is still no sign of growth from the cilantro side. Hopefully in the next week they will appear.

The catnip is also doing very well! At this rate my little kitty will have plenty to even share with some of her little kitty friends! I think I may attempt at crocheting some toys for her to fill with catnip.

I am also a bit concerned with the chives and parsley bowl. While the chives are doing relatively well with the whole growing thing, I’m not so certain they will survive. The tips of a few sprouts are turning a bit brown. As for the parsley, they is no sign of growth on their side.

The dill and rosemary are doing alright. The dill side is coming in nicely, however there is only one single rosemary sprout. While it is doing well, I am hoping to see at least a few more sprout.


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