Pretty Bracelets :]

Hello all,

Lately I have been seeing these new pretty bracelets in stores like American Eagle and elsewhere.  However, these bracelets in the store cost around $10, and as much as I love them, I refuse to pay that much for a simple beaded bracelet, so I studied them closely and tried to figure out how they were made, and decided to give it a try.  I was certain I had this all figured out, but my first three or so attempts to actually construct one of these bracelets were fails.  The beads just wouldn’t stay positioned how they were supposed to.  So I got fed up and gave up for the time being.  Well, a few days ago I was ‘stumbling’ and ‘stumbled’ across a tutorial [ here ] on how to really make one of these bracelets the correct way!  Talk about fate.

So earlier this evening I decided to give it another try, and lone and behold, it worked!  So I made another.

I am quite pleased with the results and I’m sure I will be making plenty more bracelets than I really need for myself… but hey, I must have one to match every outfit right?

-The Whale


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