Can I Use These Yet?

Hello all! Welcome to my blog! :]
It is now week six for my herb garden, and time for an update. I have been watering my herbs several times a day as of late due to the hot summer weather.

Of course the basil is still doing very well. My only concern is a few leaves that have appeared to have been munched on by evil little bugs!

The catnip is also a hit. Not being able to wait any longer, I plucked a few leaves to present to my kitty. She seemed very interested, so I rubbed a bit on her scratching post. She rubbed all over it and laid next to it for about an hour!

The cilantro and oregano are coming along. They are still growing slowly, but growing nonetheless.

The cilantro and chives are also coming a long well.

Well, the dill is doing decent. I still have one rosemary. One GIANT rosemary. It has gone through a major growth spurt recently and now towers considerably over the dill sprouts. Speaking of dill, I recently have been going through an egg salad phase having discovered [and tweaked] a great recipe! Of course this recipe uses dill, so I am most anxious to try it with fresh dill rather than than the dried I have been using.
Well, there you have it. Be sure to check back next week for a new update!
-The Whale


I’m In Love

This tiny shitzu puppy has captured my heart. He is being sold by my bf’s mom…. for a lot more than I can afford. Looks like this love story shall end in heart break for me. :[
-The Whale

Herb Garden Week 5

Hello, hello!
It is now week five for my herb garden! time for an update! I decided to move my garden onto the porch due to this excessive heat wave! I feel that being out in the sun all day was starting to have a rather negative effect on their health, and they seem to be doing better in the partial shade anyways.

Basil is still doing ridiculously well as expected. I am very pleased with the results I am getting from the basil.

The catnip has recently gone through a major growth spurt! Last week it was much smaller.

The parsley and oregano are certainly coming along. The parsley has taken off very well since last week, but the oregano are still tiny little sprouts. I am sure they will start growing soon though.

So I have given up on seeing any more rosemary plants sprouting. I’ll have to make due with just one. The dill is doing better than last week though. It looks a lot healthier.

The chives and cilantro are doing alright. I wish that there were more chive plants growing, but like the rosemary I think I will just have to deal with what I have. I am pleased with the condition of the existing plants though.

Well, that is the end of my update for week five! Check back next week for a new update!
-The Whale

Herb Garden Week 4

Hello all :]

It’s about that time for an herb garden update. I must say it is all going very well! I wish that I had more opportunity to take care of it. You see, my mother waters her flowers every morning, and I suppose she has been watering my herb sprouts as well, for every time I check to see if they need water, the soil is moist, and it definitely has not been raining here!

Just like last week the basil is still growing rapidly! I could even get little whiffs of basil smell while I was moving the pot around to take the picture. Its about time I start searching for the perfect pesto recipe!

The catnip is also growing well. Little kitty be ready!

The cilantro plants are doing well [the few that have appeared.] The oregano continue to be tiny sprouts. I hope they decide to get taller soon.

The parsley is doing fine, and I am no longer concerned about the chives. The brown tips have disappeared. What is concerning me thought is the amount of water my mother is giving these daily. Some slimy geen stuff is popping up on the top…

The dill and rosemary seem to be doing okay. This is another bowl i fear my mother is over watering. I actually have been dumping out water that is settling on the top, and the green stuff is in this bowl too. There is still just one little sprout of rosemary. I don’t think that any more are going to grow. :/
Well you know have the inside scoop of my herb garden. Check back next week for a new update!
-The Whale

Grow Little Herbs Grow!

Hello :]

I didn’t get around to doing a week three update on my herb garden, so I figured a few days late is better than never.

The basil is growing like a wildfire! There will be no shortage of this herb in my cabinet this year. I even plucked a tiny leaf for a taste, and it tasted wonderful. I’ll have to find a great pesto recipe to use these little plants in once their grown!

I am slightly concerned about the oregano and cilantro. They are currently recovering from being knocked over by some mysterious creature of the night, and I had to replant them. A few oregano sprouts have just pushed through the dirt, but there is still no sign of growth from the cilantro side. Hopefully in the next week they will appear.

The catnip is also doing very well! At this rate my little kitty will have plenty to even share with some of her little kitty friends! I think I may attempt at crocheting some toys for her to fill with catnip.

I am also a bit concerned with the chives and parsley bowl. While the chives are doing relatively well with the whole growing thing, I’m not so certain they will survive. The tips of a few sprouts are turning a bit brown. As for the parsley, they is no sign of growth on their side.

The dill and rosemary are doing alright. The dill side is coming in nicely, however there is only one single rosemary sprout. While it is doing well, I am hoping to see at least a few more sprout.

Childhood Memories

Hello there! Happy Saturday! :]
I have been meaning to make a post about this find for some time now, but it escaped my mind until this morning when I finally decided to put them to use.

The discovery are these fantastic ‘jelly’ shoes that everyone [or at least me] wore a few years back [or maybe more like 10 or 15 ha] I have been wanting to find a pair of these for some time, but with no success, that is until I was strolling around town and wondered into a local flea market. I found these lovelies for only $1! I was ecstatic. The only problem was that they didn’t have my size, but I due the the flexibility of the rubbery material, I was able to make a size smaller work!

Well that is all I have to share with you today. Please come back and keep reading!

-The Whale

I’m on a Bracelet Kick

Hey there, readers!

So lately I’ve been real into making bracelets. Most likely because I have none.

My latest and greatest is probably something that everyone made at camp as a kid.  Remember those friendship bracelets everyone made out of colored string? Yep thats what I’m talking about.  I  stumbled upon a blog post which showed how to make these [since I have long forgotten] and headed straight to the craft store to pick up materials.  These are so easy  to make and I love the look when you wear a few at a time and  pair with other bracelets [like ones I made here.

I suggest you relive some childhood memories and make a few of these fun accessories. :]

-The Whale

Pretty Bracelets :]

Hello all,

Lately I have been seeing these new pretty bracelets in stores like American Eagle and elsewhere.  However, these bracelets in the store cost around $10, and as much as I love them, I refuse to pay that much for a simple beaded bracelet, so I studied them closely and tried to figure out how they were made, and decided to give it a try.  I was certain I had this all figured out, but my first three or so attempts to actually construct one of these bracelets were fails.  The beads just wouldn’t stay positioned how they were supposed to.  So I got fed up and gave up for the time being.  Well, a few days ago I was ‘stumbling’ and ‘stumbled’ across a tutorial [ here ] on how to really make one of these bracelets the correct way!  Talk about fate.

So earlier this evening I decided to give it another try, and lone and behold, it worked!  So I made another.

I am quite pleased with the results and I’m sure I will be making plenty more bracelets than I really need for myself… but hey, I must have one to match every outfit right?

-The Whale