To Begin

Herb Garden Week 1

Well hello there.

This is my very first blog ever… so don’t expect much.  I started this on a whim and I hope to keep with it, but we’ll see won’t we?

Today I started something new.  I was browsing through good ol’ Goodwill today and  as I was walking down the dishes aisle I remembered something I saw awhile back and wanted to try.  It was an herb garden, but the herbs were planted in pretty glass dishes and such and put on display.  So I have decided to give this a try.  I selected 5 ‘pretty’ dishes, stopped to get a variety of herb seeds and potting soil, and about $30 later, I have my very own herb garden.  I’m not entirely sure on how to plant/maintain herbs, nor did I bother to research into it,  I simply put  the potting soil in the dishes, and put the herb seeds in little holes i later covered and watered.  I also made custom labels using a plastic  cover that was on an old notebook, toothpicks, tape, and a sharpie.  Its my attempt at being creative.

Anyway, we shall see how this goes as my ‘first endeavor,’ at least my first recorded endeavor.

-The Whale.


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